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HUD - great logo

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While reading a story about a Federal monitor coming in to oversee the management of New York City's public housing, I was suprised and impressed by the logo of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Image result for hud logo



Damn, that's nice.  The clever design depicts buildings in a way that also suggests an eagle.


And the combination of green and blue is gorgeous, as the Seattle Sounders and Vancouver Canucks know (and as the Dallas Mavericks once knew, but forgot).

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8 minutes ago, pianoknight said:

Font feels too skinny, but that's par for the course with government roundel-style logos.


That is true; but I am considering the graphic part of the logo alone.

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1 hour ago, Sport Billy said:

Why do some of the letters appear smaller?


ex: the "PA" look small in DEPARTMENT


Ah, good observation. Though I think that those letters are the right size, but are just placed awkwardly.


My lack of notice of that goes to show how little attention I was paying to the letters. Once again: my praise for the logo pertains solely to the graphical portion.





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