Lion logo concept (plus soccer I guess?)

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holy :censored: I really need to finish that MLB series lmaoooo

anyways, for my digital graphics class we had to design a personal logo, and when I asked if I could just "sit back and chillax" because I already rebranded back in November, her response was an animated no. SO, I decided to whip this out in a day in order to get the project over with, but also expand my branding skills beyond a cool monogram and interesting typeface. I wanted to create a logo, and I think I did that pretty well. Lemme know what I can do to improve it, as this IS for a grade.




Chelsea variant:


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The first impression that i get is that it looks royal. I like that about it, and the silhouette is on the right path in my opinion...


However...I feel like there is something odd that seems to be throwing the whole image off. It’s like I can see a lion, then a bull, then I see sort of a demon. I don’t know if it’s the facial features, or the negative space, or both...something just feels off. For starters I think if you’re going for a lion, the mane should be carried throughout the top of the head. Right now it looks like it’s got some kind of mullet going on that takes away from it looking completely like a lion...

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I think the facial features definitely need a bit of tweaking as it doesn't immediately read as a nose and mouth to me. I'd also try to stay away from red/white/blue, as tempting as it may be. Purple tends to look good in royal settings, and I've always loved a green and gold approach.

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@builtbymachines for this project I've kinda been pushing my limits a little bit. I can't stand negative space, therefore I haven't used much of it in my work without it equating to a hidden letter or whatever (see: current logo). I reworked the mane (my graphics teacher said it had a 'kraken thing going on") and hopefully improved the mouth area a little.

@Jake3.rooI'll make sure to try different color palettes when I feelconfident in my design, thanks for the green/gold suggestion. Like I said previously, I worked on the mouth a little more to hopefully give it more of a lion look.

Still an on-going process, I know there's plenty more to work on.


(my favorite is the bottom right I think)


the ever so valuable ctrl-y in illustrator

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