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All Mac's convenience stores becoming Circle K


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Announced in 2015 apparently but just happening now in my city (Thunder Bay - Northwestern Ontario, Canada).

Some have been changed over; some still to be changed.


Mac's (which were mainly Mike's Mart and Mike's Milk in my region prior to that https://www.mymacs.ca/node/768) is being changed over to Circle K.

Map show in September 2018 article obvious wrong for my area of Ontario at least.





looks like owl logo came after a cat logo



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So in Calgary, there is a yearly midget (16-18) invitational hockey tournament which runs from Boxing Day to New Year's Day and has since 1978. The tournament has been sponsored by Mac's for a majority of it's history and the official name is the Mac's AAA Midget World Invitational Hockey Tournament, but everybody just calls it the "Mac's". 


This most recent tournament is the first one with the Circle K takeover and all they did was add "presented by Circle K" to the logo. 




So the Mac's branding will continue ro live on in Calgary during the Christmas season at least.

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