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2019 Lower League US Soccer - USL Championship, League 1, League 2, NPSL, etc


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To avoid flooding the MLS thread and making a thread for every lower league reveal I figured I'd start this. Let's start with a review of the two new Wisconsin clubs. 


Forward Madison FC - USL League 1

designed by Alex Perez



Green Bay Voyageurs - USL League 2

designed by Matthew Wolff


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One of the biggest parks in Metro GB is Voyageur Park. So this name is more than just a "hey... some history." I love that it actually sounds like the name of a team with 19th or early 20th century roots. Great colors too... Lambeau era Packers is the perfect identity for such a team!


Now can we fix the damn Milwaukee Torrent? And maybe find them a venue closer to the meat and potatoes of MKE County's soccer fandom near the lakeshore?

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Green Bay is getting a club in the USL League Two, and they now have a name and badge. 




Details here:





The name Voyageurs is a reference to the earliest European settlers of Northeastern Wisconsin. The logo includes a four-paddle canoe symbolic of the early voyageurs’ preferred mode of transportation in the area, stars and a crescent moon and a sash representing the Fox River that connects Green Bay and Lake Winnebago.


The logo is by Matt Wolff, who was behind NYCFC and LAFC as well as PSG’s recent logo change.

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I rather like the staircase.  That's a selling point.


I do have one problem with it - the V sticks so far out of the shield, without a corresponding extension on the other end, that it unbalances the logo.  If you center the logo, as they invariably will do, the shield will be off-center.  


You can really see it here.




That same off-balance is also present in the Third Rail logo. 




It's a small thing, doesn't detract from this logo, but there are times it's really going to stand out.  Like this avatar:




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