2019 MLB Season

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2 hours ago, Dolphins Dynasty said:

They traded a pitching prospect for him as well. Do they just think they can power their way through the playoffs?


This puts a negative spin on it, to say the least.


They traded a 19-year-old, someone they actually got from the Mariners organization a year or two ago for a pedestrian relief pitcher, who was considered a low-end top 30 organizational prospect. Needless to say, it's someone who was going to have zero impact on the big league roster this season in any capacity, and isn't the type of prospect who gets in the way of other, bigger trade discussions.


I was caught off-guard initially when I heard the news myself, and I didn't expect anything of the sort, but, frankly, it's a no-brainer for the Yankees if that's all the cost required. As far as their rotation goes, I do agree that they are still an arm short in an ideal and realistic world, and that's where their decision to pass on Keuchel is all the more headscratching. If you're front three in the playoffs is Severino, Paxton, and Tanaka, well, you can do a lot worse than that. But you still need a reliable #4. I'm not sure Jordan Montgomery is that guy yet, and even if he is, you're placing a lot of risk on a starting pitcher with only one year of experience, and zero playoff experience to speak of as well as coming off TJS, to be that #4 in the playoffs. And I'm highlighting Montgomery because Happ has been thoroughly unconvincing, and I'm afraid Sabathia might be washed up altogether at this point. Unless he really, really turns it around, I don't want Sabathia anywhere near the mound in any playoff games the Yankees might play. He's the worst pitcher on the staff right now and, at 39 with a knee condition, that doesn't point towards upward progress.

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The Reds swept the Astros with 3 one-run wins, which corrects a little for their absurdly bad record in one run games. Now it's just a bad record in one run games. 

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