NFL 100 Throwback Concepts (32/32 COMPLETE)

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Patch Updates:


Houston Texans Bob McNair Patch:




Jacksonville Jaguars 25th Anniversary Patch:





Write ups on Texans and Jags will be updated as such.

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Kansas City Chiefs:


1926 Throwback: That's Not Dallas

One of the teams of the NFL team boom of the early 1920s, The Kansas City Cowboys (originally Kansas City Blues for just 1924) lasted from 1924 to 1926 and finished off their stint with a franchise best 8-3 record and a fifth place finish in front of the Packers.  The numbers come from the 1925 uniform and the logo comes from this jacket, although I have doubts on the authenticity.  Very little graphics on this early NFL team are out there, so the logo gets recolored and replicated, and the numbers are mostly inferred.



1960 Throwback: That's Not The Cowboys

Before they were the Chiefs, they were the Dallas Texans.  The Chiefs uniform history is extremely boring, thus the only obvious throwback has the state of Texas on their lids rather than an arrowhead to give it away.  Logo is colored like it is on this game program.


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Good luck doing anything with the Chiefs' history. Hahahaha.


How about a Fauxback helmet logo with an all-white Missouri and Kansas, and a yellow star where Kansas City is? It would mimic the Dallas logo but represent KC.

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Oakland Raiders:


1960 Throwback: The New Orleans Bears

Before their iconic Silver and Black, the Raiders looked like the lovechild of the Saints and Bears.  Logo comes from the mothership, and numbers are an altered LHF Egyptian which comes close to being faithful to the originals.



1962 Throwback: The End of the Gold

The Gold and Black turned into the Silver and Black in 1963, but before then, the white was removed for the 1962 season.  Logo and numbering is same as above.


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