2019 São Paulo FC Basketball Calendar of Courts

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So... I keep as a lurker at this forums for nearly a decade now. I'd be lying if I said it did not influence my life. I came here as a curious, and today I'm a designer working with it. I mean, with the design. Not necessarily with sports logos.


One of the guys who has inspired me most recently is Kodrinsky. My witty comments on the beautiful courts that he makes are proof of that. And I've always wanted to kind of try to duplicate the courts, just like he does.


But I felt I lacked a theme. Some motivation that would make me start and finish the series.


Then it happened:


Some of you may know I'm Brazlian , and we love Football (The one using foot and ball all of the time, you may know it as Soccer). Some of us make it a religion, enshrining a team or a club. Usually, this passion overflows football and spills over other sports as well. Below, you can see the crest of my enshrined club, São Paulo FC.



Founded 1930, but with roots that can be traced to early days of the football game in Brazil, São Paulo FC is undisputedly one of the greatest teams in the nation, being the number one when it comes to international Competitions. São Paulo FC has three recognized football world championships. Two Intercontinental Cups, 1992 and 1993 and one FIFA Club World Cup, in 2005. It also have three Copa Libertadores titles, six national titles and lots of other championships. São Paulo FC has also formed Adhemar Ferreira da Silva, two times Olympic Champion (Triple Jump, Helsinki 1952 and Melbourne 1956).


Long made short, for this year, São Paulo FC formed a team of professional Basketball to play in Liga Ouro, the second division of National Basketball, following the trend started by other clubs like CR Flamengo and CR Vasco da Gama. I was bitten by the bug of Basketball again. And that's where I found the impulse I needed.


On this thread, I'll be presenting every court where São Paulo FC Basketball Team will play or have played on this season.


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On its first game ever, São Paulo FC played and won (77-69) against Unifacisa. This court was really hard to make because I didn't have most of logos in vector format, so I had to trace them one by one. 


Arena Unifacisa (From Thursday, February 14, 2019)



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Opa, um Sãopaulino aqui! Saudações, irmão. 


Vou acompanhar essa série, apesar de que sou apaixonado por futebol, tento acompanhar o máximo outros esportes.


Just in case, sorry for brazilian-pt answer. 😂

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