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NHL City Heritage Alternates (Washington up 6/23)


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The Vipers' original jerseys were basically slight color-swaps (black instead of navy) of the Florida Panthers' original jerseys anyway.  (But now you've got me all nostalgic for RHI.  I have one of these jerseys signed by most of the 1995 team somewhere.)





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Awesome series! A lot of fun looks that have the best of both worlds: Often untraditional, unusual, and creative, but grounded in that reality of using an actual historic jersey as inspiration.


In regards to some C&C for two of the recent ones: I agree with vtgco that the black and ultra-dark blue on the Tampa jersey get lost with one another. Whether the solution is adding white to separate them, or changing the shade of blue, or something else altogether, it needs a little something different. The actual striping pattern itself looks great, though!


Vegas is another solid look, too; the only minor nitpick I'd suggest is to have the side panels point down instead of up, to keep the V theme.

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On 5/2/2020 at 2:26 PM, NoE38_Concepts said:

If there's nothing on Philly, let's move across the state to Pittsburgh. Similar to the Flyers, this concept is based off of an earlier NHL team in the city, the Pittsburgh Pirates. Again like the Flyers, the entire jersey is two-tone, and the striping is taken from the various jerseys the Pirates wore in their short history, and a hanger effect is used, inspired by the Pirates' diagonal striping jersey.


Thoughts? C&C is appreciated!


Great idea incorporating the Pirates Hockey Club Uniform. Only complaint is the lack of the "Golden Triangle" behind the logo. The 3 Rivers surrounding the Triangular shaped (Downtown) City of Pittsburgh is known as the Golden Triangle. Even if the Triangle was just a black outline, that Triangle is just as much part of the logo as the logo itself imo

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Time for some updates!


First, for Tampa. I used the team's original electric blue colour, and it definitely pops out more. Great suggestion.



Next, I added a triangle to Pittsburgh's alternate. I think it definitely breaks up the chest stripe nicer that my original design.



Lastly, a small update to Vegas, making the side panels like a V. Not sure why I didn't think of that when I made it.


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  • NoE38_Concepts changed the title to NHL City Heritage Alternates (TBL, PIT, VGK updates 6/19)
  • NoE38_Concepts changed the title to NHL City Heritage Alternates (Washington up 6/23)

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