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City Logos VII: Texas


Which is the best Texas logo?  

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This is great...I finally found a good place for my 200th post......I chose the astros only because they have such a simple cap logo and semi-simple wordmark...even though some people don't think the colors and wordmark scream Astros...I like it and GO ASTROS!!!!!!

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I love the Rangers, but ever since they ripped off the Expos' logo, my vote will go to the Spurs. It's classy but not boring.

I love a lot of Texas' minor league logos. The RGV Killer Bees, El Paso Diablos, and Round Rock Express are my faves.

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Texans so far hands down.....it isn?t even a joke, much less a competition.

Seriously, I believe the whole Texans logo, uniform, and helmet set was the last overall great new look to be unveiled by any team in professional sports across the whole damn board.

Since then, its been total mediocrity 3 years running.....could this be the start to some form of new logo/uniform curse?

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Same here, although I would have voted for the new FC Dallas look, if it were allowed in the voting :notworthy:

Also to phillyfan36, when you have a City Logo contest, you need to have the St. Paul Saints (Northern League) involved. :grin:

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