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The Grand Theft Auto series created fictional teams based off current teams in/near Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, which were used as models for the cities in the game:


Los Santos Panic = Los Angeles Lakers

UCLS Bookworms = UCSC Banana Slugs

San Fierro 69ers = San Francisco 49ers

San Andres Magnetics = Los Angeles Chargers 

San Fierro Packers = San Francisco Giants 

Red Mist FC = New York Red Bulls

Los Santos Kings = Los Angeles Kings

Los Santos Slappers = San Jose Sharks (an oddity given LS is LA and SJ is near SF)

Los Santos Corkers/Saints = Different elements of the Los Angeles Dodgers 

Los Santos Shrimps = Los Angeles Clippers

Liberty City Cocks = New York Cosmos

Liberty City Wrath = New York Giants

Liberty Penetrators = New York Knicks

Las Venturas Bandits = Las Vegas 51s Oakland A’s, who played some of their games in LV while the colosseum was being renovated. 


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Great story - they experimented with a bunch of color schemes after settling on a name and logo, including a “grey/purple/green color scheme, to evoke the colors of actual pigeons”.  :D 

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16 hours ago, Ferdinand Cesarano said:


You sure did.

[Walks away muttering "Yellow pigeons.  Who ever saw a yellow pigeon...."]


Presumably the same guy who saw green eagles and blue rams and lions.  😛


I'll have what he's having.

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