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On 5/2/2019 at 1:56 AM, TheMythOfLegends said:

Never should have removed the Big V from the Victory logo, worst thing couldve done, especially since its now incorporated into the M, never should have done that, otherwise, prety good concept, but forcing way too many Australian animals and "things" into the series, ruin it for all Aussies. The Perth one was nice, but the cassowary is too far, even if the concept is a killer. The only downer is the Victory one, but if you put the logo into a full circle and have the V extend to the edge, its a better look and still respects Victorian history


I mean, the V still features pretty heavily in the rebrand. The Big V belongs first to the Aussie rules club. And at least the rebrand isn't an Arsenal ripoff.


Other than the Cassowary, which Australian animals and things do you think are too much?  

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If you are going to use Australian animals, try to have it link with the states, such as the swan for Perth, whereas Queensland could be the Brolga, the actual state bird. Just try to avoid really pushing Australian items into it, however, Magpies, Sharks, Emus and Kangaroos im fine with as they are essentially the air, naval and ground animals of Australia, but avoid using animals that may not link with the team well, as Australia has a state and city link like what Alabama and New York are like, very independent. Another example could be the Fremantle team in WA, you could use the Quokka, a native of the Fremantle area (even if they arent necessarily apart of Fremantle itself). The cassowary design was solid and nice, just doesnt fit the locale. I could also suggest aligning teams with other sporting team in the area, so by changing Cairns to something like the diamondbacks (although i dont think diamondbacks live in Australia) could work, following a theme if you get where im coming from. Your work is stunning no doubt about it, but trying to push in unnecessary items just seems pointless.


With Melbourne Victory, yes, im glad its not Arsenal like the shield, but the V was and is the most important part of the shield and jersey as a whole. Look at AC Milan, who use the stripes as apart of their logo. That V is integral to the team and identity. If that shield was for an and upcoming team in a new league that hadnt revealed their kits yet, 100 hundred would like it, but the V is far too much apart of the identitt of Melbourne not to be subtly hidden in the M, which is why I think by extending the V all the way to the edge could be better (although a draft may need to seen first before i judge).

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Really like your idea for Brisbane Rovers, and awesome job on the Victory rebrand. I'm not a fan of the Central Coast rebrand though. I think you should have kept the wave motive in some capacity.

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On 4/3/2019 at 7:57 PM, mcrosby said:

These next two are the last two I have completed thus far. I've struggled for inspiration for some the remaining 12, so I'll be asking for help with those. 


First up: Canberra United. Their women's team is currently in the top tier women's league, with men playing in the state's top flight. The logo is a heavily stylized representation of the parliament building. 



Next up is a rebrand of the Central Coast Mariners. @raysox had a fantastic anchor logo for his redesign, so I had to go a different direction. I stuck with 2 color +white, but could see adding a light blue. 



As for remaining clubs. Here are the cities and possible names I'm thinking of. Let me know what you think, what would be better, and what you would do for a logo. 


Sydney Western Sydney Wanderers
Sydney Macarthur Rangers
Melbourne Melbourne City Heart FC
Melbourne ?
Adelaide Adelaide United
Hobart Tasmania United
Newcastle Newcastle Jets
Wollongong Wollongong Wolves FC
Ipswich Ipswich Pride
Townsville Townsville Nomads
Geelong Geelong Greys
Darwin Top End FC

I am in love with that Canberra United badge redesign. So much better! Reminded me of the Northern Lights club you did in the CPL redesign series. As for the New A-League rebranding series - since you did the CPL, I was hoping you would do another association soon. 

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