Redesigning US Quidditch (6/16: Arizona State)

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The last team in the Southwest is UTSA:




UTSA has worn contrasting sleeves on quite a few of their uniforms, including their current ones, so I ran with it but kept it a bit simpler. UTSA wordmark on the front, roadrunner head on the sleeves. I decided to give them an orange clash jersey, even though they've never actually worn orange, mostly because there have been a lot of white jerseys recently and I didn't want to make another. Navy shorts and orange socks to pair with both.


C&C appreciated! Only one more college region left to go and then we can get onto the community teams...

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added links to uniforms because I'm dumb and forgot to include them

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We start off the West region with Arizona State:




This concept for ASU is very similar to their current uniforms, though it's significantly closer to these old uniforms since it actually includes gold. Other than that, it's pretty much the same, minus all the Adidas markings and plus a pitchfork stripe on the shorts. The clash goes white because it kind of has to under the current rules (but don't worry, there's an alternate take), and there's a pair of white shorts as well. One pair of socks, and they're maroon.


The alternate take, as it often does, just gets rid of white in favor of gold:


I'm doing two different takes on some teams because USQ currently has a rule that no team can wear yellow or gold as their jersey or shorts color to prevent confusion with snitch runners. Some teams, though, could really benefit aesthetically if that rule was abolished, so for those teams, I'm doing one concept with that rule in place and one without.



C&C appreciated!

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