Redesigning US Quidditch (9/16: Long Beach Funky Quaffles)

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I really need to get on a more consistent schedule. I'll work on that while y'all take a look at the Long Beach Funky Quaffles:




These are very much in the theme of their current uniforms (stop me if you've heard this before). I did shift the chevrons down a little bit so the uniforms felt more predominantly one color; this allowed for me to embiggen their logo a bit. I also reverted to their old name/number font, which matches their logo and is much more unique than a standard block. They're also in the habit of wearing mismatched socks, which I think I would normally hate but seems totally on brand for a team with "Funky" in their name. The clash is pretty much a black-for-white swap of the primary, though it's a bit fauxback-y, as a Long Beach wordmark replaces the FQ monogram on the front.


Also, the first alternate take in a while, as a gold jersey allowed me to stay more faithful to their jersey design. The clash is still a fauxback, and is just a color-swapped version of the jersey from before:



I'm doing two different takes on some teams because USQ currently has a rule that no team can wear yellow or gold as their jersey or shorts color to prevent confusion with snitch runners. Some teams, though, could really benefit aesthetically if that rule was abolished, so for those teams, I'm doing one concept with that rule in place and one without.




C&C appreciated!

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