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Rite of Spring 2019: The Chase for the Stanley Cup


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11 hours ago, crashcarson15 said:

Blue Jackets have been pretty bad tonight. Rask was great. Bad combination.


Also, :censored: Nikita Kucherov.


Harrington and Clendening are complete liabilities out there. I can't imagine Gavrikov would be a downgrade from either one. I'd take McQuaid over Clendening at this point. Is Gabriel Carlsson still alive in Cleveland? Remember when he was the next great big NHL defenseman? WTF happened to him? 


It's such a shame they don't have Ryan Murray or Markus Nutivaara for this series. I miss them. 

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11 hours ago, crashcarson15 said:

So, uh, when can the Tuukka Rask y’all spent last round bitching about show up? 😐


He's shown plenty of glimpses this series letting in a few cheapies he should've had. The thing about Rask is he's undoubtedly a world class goaltender, but his head is :censored:. When he's on you have absolutely no chance of beating him, but when his head isn't in it (which happens far more than the former) it is frustrating as all hell to watch.



8 hours ago, infrared41 said:

Ohio pessimism aside, I believe that if the Jackets can get past Boston, they'll play for the Cup. 


I think you're right about that.



37 minutes ago, McCarthy said:

Back to Boston where the ice is mud and the puck is a tennis ball. 


It's been sub-par all playoffs, which is fairly uncharacteristic. Bad ice favors CBJ IMO, Boston tries to get too cute with their passing far more than Columbus.

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I've been feeling a little ambivalent about this series because I've only really been a Jackets fan for three years, since I moved to the Cincinnati area. Before that it was mostly hate-watching the Stars because they were the only team in my market.


Now that that's out of the way, though, screw it. Go Jackets! And if you blow it, I'm going with the Sharks. Because reasons.

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Look I told y'all PLAYOFF CANES is a thing 😛


But hey, ended with a whimper for the Islanders but even with the sweep this season was a great ride to be an Islander fan. July 1st came and went and it was looking like we were heading to 8th in the Metro and a bleak future ahead. Trotz established a great team mentality, the goalies provided great play, and it was on from there. Sure, they could've gone even further in a wide open playoff and it's a missed opportunity, but I think any Islander fan would've been more than satisfied if you told them after Tavares was gone that the Isles would make the playoffs. Sweeping the Pens and going further than the Leafs made it icing on the cake


EDIT: Once again with the told you PLAYOFF CANES is a thing, DGB quotetweeted this with "oh crap this might be it"


it was it


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So, I just did some digging, and it turns out that the Hurricanes are tied for 9th in the NHL (w/NYR) in postseason series wins since 2002, with 11 of them.


That's freaking remarkable for a team with only four playoff trips in the last 17 seasons. There are some teams with a lot more visits with less success. I mean, I think the only teams with fewer playoff trips in that time are the Panthers, actually; going back to 2002 means both the Oilers and Coyotes have as many playoff appearances as the Hurricanes do. I guess Las Vegas has fewer, but obviously that's a different thing altogether. 

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5 hours ago, DiePerske said:

The hilarious(to me) part?


It is realistic that the Hurricanes will have home ice in the conference finals

How pissed off will the Canadiens be if the conference final is the two wild card teams?


Also its very possible the Western Conference finals will be between the two wild card teams. How crazy would it be that both conference finals be nothing but wild cards?


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