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Rite of Spring 2019: The Chase for the Stanley Cup


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53 minutes ago, speedy said:

Mrazek needs to take a seat. He certainly made some great saves yesterday, but he also let up some really, really bad goals. Curious to see who's between the pipes tomorrow.

Agreed. Mrazek (along with the rest of our team) seems flustered. McElhinney is known for his cool and calm demeanor, could have an impact on the rest of the team. Goaltending is far from our only issue right now, but McElhinney split time with Mrazek in the regular season. He is a big reason we have made it this far, he deserves a chance to keep our season alive. 

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Ugh. That one sucked. Sharks outplayed them for 45+ minutes but in that other 14+ they give up 4. Hockey is cruel.


Obligatory referee comment: holy soft penalties batman. Luckily one of them led to an instant-karma shortie; the others just showed how ineffective both power plays have been.


Gotta get that home ice back. I don't want this team to have to try and recover from another 3-1 deficit.

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This sport is going to kill me. Tuukka with an all-time great performance in tonight's game outside of the softy in the second. Carolina absolutely DOMINATED the first period and came up with nothing, absolutely incredible. 


And now they're not undefeated at home anymore, so we can stop with all that nonsense.

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