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Rite of Spring 2019: The Chase for the Stanley Cup


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The Blue Jackets were up 2-1 in Game 1 with five minutes left and an OT goal away from up being up 3 games to none on the mighty Bruins, SIR. 



The Penguins Ultra-Sweep is dead. Once again, Boston ruins everything. 


I don't expect this to be a long series and I'll wonder what could've been. 

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A few observations from game 1:


— The Blues are surprisingly slow. They’re clearly more suited to a high hitting, dirty (not in the cheating way, but the getting stuck in and forcing mistakes way) style than I realized.


— They’re very good at converting on mistakes. As demonstrated by their two goals.


— Binnington is very talented but definitely human. He had a bunch of nice saves, but then Bruins posted 4 or 5 shots and whiffed a few chances to bury the puck. 


— The Bruins first line continues to play extremely up and down. Meanwhile, the third and fourth lines continue to reveal that they’re true advantage is depth. If all four lines can get it running well during the series, the Blues are going to have a tough time winning four.


— The Bruins also have a knack for drawing penalties. Not sure if it’s good positioning or what, but they’re on the power play a lot.


— Torey :censored:ing Krug.


— All that being said, the Blues are clearly very talented, and it’s still definitely anyone’s series.

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On 5/28/2019 at 9:23 AM, Dalcowboyfan92 said:

St. Louis is 0-13 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Let's hope they can win a game and not see an 0-16 record staring them straight in the face.


I, for one, would like to see 0-16 for the lulz

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18 minutes ago, AustinFomBoston said:

So we don't get our Penguins quad Sweep, and we don't even get 0-16. 😒


I was gonna point that out. Whether they win or lose the Cup, at least they got that one monkey off their back, by getting their 1st ever Cup Final win.

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