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Making New Courts For Every NBA Team (UPDATE: USA/JAPAN)


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I mainly tried making these based off city edition jerseys or just making a new standard court. I use a lot of wood stain because that’s just my style and it seems to be the trend nowadays. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed.  


edit: im making this edit almost 2 years after i started this whole thing. i just wanna say i apologize for how extra and low quality most of these designs on this first page are. i was quite new to the whole designing thing at the time.. i mean seriously, i copy and pasted a sun and placed it onto the corner of the clippers court like a kid's drawing, and slapped woodstain on everything. but nonetheless thank you all for your support and feed back over these years!


Houston Rockets



Golden State Warriors 



Oklahoma City Thunder



Oklahoma City Thunder v2



Minnesota Timberwolves 



Charlotte Hornets



LA Clippers



Dallas Mavericks



New Orleans Pelicans


remastered 2021 version click here, its much better.

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Really like the Warriors one! I also really like the second thunder one, except for the city skyline on the logo, Ive never been a fan of the city skyline on courts. But the font, colors, stripes and little thunder bolts makes for an actual identity instead of the plain uninspiring look they have now. Only if they could get a new logo, centered around that font and those bolts. Eliminating the navy, black and white, and sticking to that blue and orange with tinges of yellow.

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On 11/10/2019 at 2:01 PM, Blindsay said:

A few things: 

A : that was the warriors last logo

B: You forgot about the social media on the front sidelines of a few courts

C : Good Work!

A. I believe at the time I was making this That was their logo (it was a different time from when I posted it)

B: nice catch! I generally skip out on these sometimes due to me rushing designs

C : Thank you!

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(copied and pasted from what I said on my reddit post)

I sort of took the map design idea from the clippers with how they put their city’s map on their court. (Yes that is the actual map of the twin cities) with each name on their respective side. I also got the two skylines of the cities with the Minneapolis one on the bottom and the Saint Paul one on top. With that I of course added the MSP wordmark unifying both cities onto the court.

P.S you can see a little part of the river near the bottom right corner splitting between Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Also feel free to repost this anywhere u want. 

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And here I have a red “playoff” edition court concept 

Text wise and paint arc wise everything is still the same but I changed the outside paint and logos


and here is just a simple alternate court. With a nod to the first ever pelicans court with the gold inside the paint.

(Idea by a reddit user)

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  • pelicanfan changed the title to Making New Courts For Every NBA Team (UPDATE: USA/JAPAN)

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