Making New Courts For Every NBA Team

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I mainly tried making these based off city edition jerseys or just making a new standard court. I use a lot of wood stain because that’s just my style and it seems to be the trend nowadays. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed.  


Houston Rockets



Golden State Warriors 



Oklahoma City Thunder



Oklahoma City Thunder v2



Minnesota Timberwolves 



Charlotte Hornets



LA Clippers



Dallas Mavericks



New Orleans Pelicans


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Interesting. The Warriors is excellent. I would stick more to using the original logos.

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Really like the Warriors one! I also really like the second thunder one, except for the city skyline on the logo, Ive never been a fan of the city skyline on courts. But the font, colors, stripes and little thunder bolts makes for an actual identity instead of the plain uninspiring look they have now. Only if they could get a new logo, centered around that font and those bolts. Eliminating the navy, black and white, and sticking to that blue and orange with tinges of yellow.

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A few things: 

A : that was the warriors last logo

B: You forgot about the social media on the front sidelines of a few courts

C : Good Work!

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