How is Arena Football not more popular?

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8 hours ago, GDAWG said:



Maybe a dumb question, but did the Oklahoma team actually pay for that old Las Vegas Aces concept from the boards here?

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On 9/26/2019 at 12:23 PM, GDAWG said:

The two leagues will compete together, under a new league name with two conferences, the CIF and NAL.


This new combined league is going to keep the names "CIF" and "NAL" for the conferences?  So, one of its conferences is going to be called "the National Arena League"?  Hmm.


The whole name thing is going to be messy.  No other league name has a fraction of the recognition of the name "Arena Football League".  For this reason, the tendency to call the NAL "the Arena Foodball League" was strong.  The Westchester County Executive did this at the press conference welcoming the New York Streets; and the Dragons' television analyst Will Holder (the former New York Dragons player) did it several times during every game telecast.  So, whatever they call the league, getting the name out there will be a challenge.


Anyway, I am glad I got my Streets hats when I did.  I suppose I will soon be revising my sig.

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