2021-2022 NHL Redesign

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Here is the Central division



I bring back the kachina pattern back full time but in the current colors. The 4th is inspired by the sun above the desert.




I kept the Blackhawks look pretty much the same. I changed the dark stripes to match the uniforms from 1955-62. The light uniforms have the hem stripe filled in like their winter classic uniforms which bring more unison with their dark uniforms. The third uniforms are inspired by their 1935 uniforms but I flipped the colors to match the dark and light better. The 4th jersey is inspired by the Chicago flag. 




The dark and light are direct throwbacks to their original uniforms except I replaced the yeti foot with the updated Rockies logo. The 4th jersey is inspired by the Colorado flag.




I bring gold back to the Stars. The third jersey is based on their 1993 home uniform. The 4th jersey uses a paisley pattern to pay homage to southwestern fashion.




The Wild are the only team in the league without a white uniform. I completely replace it with cream throughout the 3 uniforms. The 4th uniform is the North Stars uniform. 




I pretty much took their reebok edge uniforms and put them in the Adidas template. I flipped the colors on the white uniforms so there would be more yellow. A navy third jersey for clash purposes. The 4th jerseys are inspired by the neon signs of Lower Broadway. There are six stripes for six guitar strings. 


St. Louis 


The jerseys are based on their alternate jerseys which are from 1967. I know the away jersey doesn't match from that time period but I'm not in love with any of their away jerseys from that era. The third is a direct copy from their edge third jerseys which might be my favorite edge jersey. The 4th jersey is a recolored version of the St. Louis flag. 




I bring back the red white and blue from their pre-Arizona days. The third jersey is a navy version of their WHA uniforms. The 4th jersey pays homage to the famous Winnipeg White-Out. 

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Arizona Coyotes- The sleeve stripes should be up farther, and the third would look better if the gradient had a softer transition. The blocks of gradient looks a little off. It’s a great idea tho!


Minnesota Wild- I’d use one of the current shoulder patches, either the roundel or the “M”. The one you are using is one of the worst logos the Wild have ever come up with. And while this isn’t necessarily your fault, because the mothership has this messed up, the Wild’s main logo is rotated wrong. It should be rotated down to the left slightly. Compare with their actual jerseys. And a huge pet peeve of mine is when people try to put the Wild logo backwards on helmets. It’s ok if it’s facing backwards, there’s no motion there. It should be flipped on all of the helmets. I’d also like to see what you could come up with for a city jersey for the Wild. I like the Stars throwback (although no black would be better), but all of the other teams have really creative city based fourths. 


St. Louis Blues- Why does the city jersey have the little yellow cuffs? Those aren’t gonna show up under players gloves




The rest of the central looks amazing!

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We want to see numbers on your jerseys.


As for Minnesota, I'd love to see a white version of the uniform.

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Hi everyone, sorry It's been a while since I've posted but I'm back with the pacific and final division. Next I'll post outdoor and All Star game jerseys. 




The Ducks go back to the look they should have never left. The third jersey is a mix of eras with the logo from the 1995 third. The striping is based on the 1997 third jersey. I replace gold with orange through out the set to represent Orange County. The 4th jersey is from the first Mighty Ducks movie. 




These were originally going to be straight throwbacks to their original set but I felt like there needed to be some black to balance it out and it let me put the shoulder patches in from the 2013 alternate jersey which I love and is way better than the flags. The third jersey is a more traditional take on the original flaming house jersey. The 4th jersey is inspired by the Calgary Rodeo with the script on the front. The logo on the sleeves is from the Calgary flag. 




I don't know why Edmonton keeps going away from their classic set, they pretty much had a perfect set before the adidas takeover. The 4th jersey is inspired by Wayne Gretzky's first uniform for the Oilers with a subtle 99 on the front and his logo on the sleeves. 


Los Angeles


The Kings have always seem to hop on local LA teams color schemes when they get popular and Lebron coming to the Lakers seem like an excuse for the Kings to go back to forum blue and gold. The main reason i brought the colors back though was because the NHL is lacking purple and need it back. The 4th jersey keeps the black and silver look of the their Stanley Cup wins. 


San Jose


The Sharks go back to their original look but with updated logos and the third keeps the look of their black jerseys. The 4th jersey pays homage to the tech industry in Silicon Valley. Inside the sleeve stripes there's a circuit board pattern.




For Seattle I took their WHL teams' nickname because I love the logo so much. I wish I could've keep the blue and green color scheme but I felt it is too close to Vancouver in location to share the same colors. The 4th jersey is inspired by the Seattle Metropolitans who was the first American Team to win a Stanley Cup. 




I always felt like the stick in a rink was a better logo than the orca but after looking at it for a while I realized the stick in a rink logo really isn't that good and if the orca was done in matching colors it actually looks pretty good. I keep The third jersey has a subtle V on the front paying homage to the flying V uniforms. The 4th jersey is inspired by Vancouver's Chinese population. 




I removed the red from the uniforms because it just complicated the colors too much. On the gold jersey theres a chainmail pattern from knights armor. The 4th jersey is called "Vegas Nights" to pay homage to the night life of Las Vegas. 


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With all the talk of the Canucks going back to the Stick in Rink logo, I’m glad you kept the orca, those primaries are gorgeous, the inclusion of the green into the logo really seals the look

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On 6/17/2019 at 8:41 PM, dannykraft said:


San Jose




Not bad but i feel like the stripes are a touch too thick ... and i woulda put the "screaming sharks" (thats what its called😂) on the front of the black third

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Hi I'm back with the outdoor games and all star game. They will go in chronological order.

Winter Classic (Ohio Stadium)


The Penguins jersey is inspired by 1977 uniforms but with a throwback logo. Columbus used the Barons as inspiration but in Columbus colors. 


All Star Game (Las Vegas)


The jerseys are very loosely based on the 1883 uniforms but in Vegas colors. I used 6 pointed stars because of the star on the Welcome to Las Vegas sign. 


Stadium Series (Tropicana Field) 


I decided to go a little wild here and put the Stadium Series in Florida but the Stadium is indoors so I figured it could work. The Panthers use the Florida flag as the sleeve stripe. Tampa's jersey is to simulate night lightning storm over water. 


Heritage Classic (Percival Molson Memorial Stadium)


The Maple Leafs look is inspired by the 1944 look and the Canadiens use a combination of different eras. 


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On 5/5/2019 at 7:47 PM, dannykraft said:

Tampa Bay


I added some black to the dark and light. The third jersey is an update to their cup winning uniforms. The 4th jersey are a heathered grey pattern to make a rain storm type pattern. 

Meh, they’re ok, not the best- WAIT ARE THOSE VICTORY STRIPES?!?!?! NEVER MIND THEY’RE PERFECT!!!!

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11 hours ago, dannykraft said:



Go a little less star-crazy and take em off the hem, pants, and socks and you've got a real winner here that I wouldn't mind seeing hit the ice 

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You forgot the Bridgestone logo for the Winter classic.... and numbers on all the jerseys. Otherwise good work!

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