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On 5/16/2019 at 5:06 PM, NicDB said:

Besides, Long Beach is in the middle of a desert


I know NOLA is the French State, but

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3 hours ago, Still MIGHTY said:

"Go Cal State Long Beach/Long Beach State Beach/Dirtbags/49ers," said the Shark.

I suspect this will be a transitional identity until the school - inspired by said name - commits to branding its athletic teams as the Cal State Long Beach Clusterfu¢k.  

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On 5/29/2019 at 11:01 AM, matthew516 said:

Just realized something. UNLV's Final Four runs featured a shark mascot (an ode to Tark) ...

Image result for unlv shark logo

And Tarkanian coached at Long Beach before going to UNLV ...

Jerry Tarkanian LBSU coach in 1970-71.jpg

Is this an intentional ode to Tark?

I guess Fresno St. Sharks coming soon. He played at Fresno St. and ended his career here.

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Ok, let me weigh in here as I have some skin in the game with my dad, three uncles, and two cousins being alums.


This is an absolute fiasco in all aspects.  This is even worse, quite frankly, than the North Dakota situation in that North Dakota actually committed to a rebrand at the end of it and only had the mascot issue to contend with.  For one, the actual survey specified that this would be a change to the nickname as, since there was a "no mascot - Go Beach!" option that people providing feedback were under the impression that this was a replacement for 49ers and not just the costumed guy roaming in the Pyramid.  Two - this was a vote that didn't even apply to the entire athletic department as the baseball team would still be the Dirtbags.  Three - as has already been discussed they can't even get the name of the school figured out.  Four - with no actual replacement to 49ers you're still going to have apparel manufactured with the officially old but unofficially embraced nickname.  So, you're left with the Cal State Long Beach/Long Beach State 49ers/Dirtbags/Sharks/Beach Athletics.


What makes this even worse is that despite a couple of their Big West rivals having the usual Cal State identity crisis names you have a conference with some unique names and then you have this mess (and yes, I'm including the yet-to-join teams).


Hawaii Rainbow Warriors/Wahine

Cal State Fullerton Titans

UC Irvine Anteaters

UC San Diego Tritons

Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners

Cal Poly Mustangs

Cal State Northridge Matadors

UC Riverside Highlanders

UC Santa Barbara Gauchos

UC Davis Aggies

Long Beach State Beach Athletics?


Fire the marketing director immediately.

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