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Tampa Bay Rays -> Carolina Pilots relocation


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I love this redesign.  As a New Englander in exile here in Charlotte, I'd be a season ticket holder without a doubt.  I'd have to root against them when the Red Sox were in town, but otherwise, I wish this was a reality.  Call the league.

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On 8/2/2019 at 3:17 PM, coco1997 said:

Things I don't like:


- The colors on the home uniform script bleed together. Maybe stick to just one outline? Or even consider making the script light blue, outlined in navy and then yellow. 

- I would consider dropping the pinstripes on the home set in favor of t-bars, to match the road uniform.

- The wings on the cap logo look like they should be following the curve of a roundel that isn't there, if that makes sense. Maybe think about having the ends of the wings run parallel to the angles of the "C."


On 8/2/2019 at 3:26 PM, JG36 said:

I think the stripes from the shoulder to the arm on the road uniform should be taken off, but the stripe around the neck and arm line should stay. Otherwise, looks fantastic!


Thanks for the comments, guys. I found myself a little busy over the last few days so I haven't had a chance yet to implement any changes, but I'll look at these. @JG36, I think I'm married to the T-bar road striping. I've always liked it and thought it was tragically underused in the Majors. But I'll try your suggestion and put it up for comments.


@coco1997, you're correct about the phantom roundel. That's how the logo started. I tried angling the interior of the wings to match that of the C, but thought it was too heavy on one side due to the slant on the C. I'll try to take another stab at it.


Also I think you may be correct about the colors bleeding. I didn't want that many outlines originally, but I thought the result actually looked muddier. I'll definitely go back and try more versions. I'm thinking maybe just sky blue outlined with yellow, but it's got a serious UCLA vibe going on.

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On 8/2/2019 at 2:33 PM, dgnmrwrw said:

And heeeeeeere we go... Presenting the Carolina Pilots. 









There were a few things about this logo that bothered me:

-the italic C didn't match how the font was used elsewhere on the uniforms, where it was regular/not italic.  That also created the space issues that you rectified by putting in the invisible roundel

-the "wings" start from the middle in the center of the logo, but my eye didn't like how they "ran over" the corners of the home plate  I tried playing with them in that same position, but didn't like how they turned out.


I took the liberty of recreating your logo and then modifying it.  Here are two versions I came up with:


One note on the lower one - I didn't have time to fix it, but I want to make the lower shadow of the wings on both sides thicker so that they line up with the plate's shadow.  This would also allow an option to have the golden parts of the wings extend out from the dark blue plate, rather than from behind it.  I'll work on it more tomorrow if anyone wants to see those fixes/options.

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18 hours ago, coco1997 said:

Checking in to see if we'll be seeing any other relocations in this series. :)



We will... I was out of town for about a week and have spent the last few days catching up with real life. Still hashing out the Mustangs and Knights. Can't say exactly when I'll be posting new stuff, but this series is definitely not over.

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