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As a result of the increasing need for moderator intervention in response to actions within the Sports Fan Fiction section (including personal attacks levied against several moderators) and a continued drifting away from the spirit of this community, the Sports Fan Fiction subforum will be closed and deleted effective effective Thursday, May 30 Monday, May 27, 2019 at 3:00 PM PT.


*Any creator of an active fan fiction series will be given the opportunity to share the link to a blog/website that the series will continue on.

*Any concept series originating from the Sports Fan Fiction section will be allowed to be transitioned into the general Concepts section provided that the written elements (ongoing history write-ups, simulation results, etc.) be abandoned and provided that the artist shows an effort and willingness to hone his/her craft.

*No future fan fiction/simulation league threads will be allowed and will be deleted immediately.

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