(Cincinnati Team, Buffalo Update, New League Logo added [26/40]) International Association of American Football

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2 hours ago, Atomic said:

Looks like it's time to step in here. First and foremost, the cross on the Stars logo is fine. There's only so many ways to do that particular shape and no matter what concept you use it in, the comparisons to the Fire's old logo will always be there. (Sidebar: there's no statute of limitations on plagiarizing a logo or portions of a logo in or not-in use). 


For the Kraken and Sea Lion logos, since you used portions of other's original work, I'm asking you to remove them from your thread. 


Other than that, carry on. 

Sounds fair. I'll remove and revise them until they're suitable.

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Moving on to the next concept, here is a completely redesigned Seattle team, the Seattle Emeralds.




Decided to ditch the Shockwaves moniker, opting instead for a name that fits the city much more. The striping is supposed to reflect the structure of a gemstone.


Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.

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Moving on to a concept I don't think is ready yet, but I put it out to see what you guys think. I've also updated Buffalo and redesigned the league logo.


Cincinnati Shamrocks:



A simple, timeless logo, but a bit too simple for my taste. Uniforms are -again- traditional and timeless, but they fit with the Irish themes. Not so sure I like this, but it works for now.


Buffalo Polar Bears:




Moved on from the needless double blue, opting instead for powder blue and white. It looks much better in my opinion. made the uniforms more simple as well.


Here's an updated league logo. I can't really decide on a color scheme for the league, so it's used in a bunch of colors for now.



That's all for now.


C&C appreciated. Made in Affinity Designer.

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