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HOU, MIN, DET updated 10/3 ~ NAFA Project


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On 5/27/2019 at 3:28 PM, Punchy_Gungus said:

Next, the Los Angeles Tides. Pacific Division, South Conference.



Named for the sunny pacific beaches in the Los Angeles area.

Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.


The color combination are so beautiful 😍😍😍

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Time for some uniforms for all the teams so far (except Charlotte, couldn't think of a concept I was happy with.) Template is a traced vision of @mr.nascar13's template, but without helmets (they're really hard to trace). Used with permission. Anyway, let's jump right in:


Sacramento Kraken:


Pretty simple stuff, tentacle pattern in the stripes. Helmet would have red shell and facemask, with the tentacle stripe through the middle, Primary logo on the sides.


Toronto Lakers:


Rope pattern from the logo is used in the stripes, Helmet is silver shell and facemask, rope stripe, partial logo on sides.


Boston Mariners:


Pants striping is placed above the shoulders. Helmet is purple shell and facemask, blue pants stripe, primary logo.


Houston Voyagers:


Nothing spectacular, certainly not my favorite of the bunch. Not quite sure what the helmet looks like. I'll definitely update this one eventually.


London Royals:


One of my best, Striping is based off the L logo and is placed on top of the shoulders. Crown logo is on the shoulder caps. Helmet is Navy shell and facemask, red pants stripe, Primary logo.


Winnipeg Blizzards:


Went for simplistic approach to work well with the simple logo. No alternate jersey for now. Silver shell and mask, Primary logo, thick royal blue stripe.


Seattle Shockwaves:


Pretty easy to understand. Helmet is electric blue shell, navy mask, lime-navy-navy-lime stripe, primary logo.


St. Louis Legion:


probably way to similar to Seattle, whoops. no alternate yet. Black shell and mask, girl-red-gold stripe, primary logo.


Los Angeles Tides:


Pretty simple. Alternate is a throwback to a beta version of the team, the LA Cobras. Silver shell and mask, Teal-silver-blue stripe, LA monogram on helmet.


Baltimore Warriors:


Flag pattern is hidden in the stripes, crossed swords logo on shoulder caps. Black helmet shell and mask, flag pattern stripe, primary logo.


Buffalo Polar Bears:


Funky stripe is sound throughout the set. Royal blue helmet shell and facemask, funky stripe, polar bear head logo.


That's all for now, more teams and uniforms are coming soon. 

Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.

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  • PERRIN changed the title to International Association of American Football (Uniforms Added [12/40])
33 minutes ago, Joke Insurance said:

What nickname did you choose for Washington DC?

Right now I'm going with Griffins mostly because I really like Griffins as a mascot, but I might change to fit more.

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8 hours ago, JH42XCC said:

Which team is next up? Also, when do we get to see the New York City team's logo set?

Teams are released in no specific order. Usually, I post a concept once it's complete. New York City's team is not there yet, as so far I only have a name and color scheme. (Emperors, navy and bright orange.) I'll try to post a team later today.

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The next team up is the Philadelphia Cannons, Atlantic Division, North conference.




Named for Philadelphia's part in the American Revolution. A Keystone is placed throughout the identity.

The uniform stripes are inspired by the angles of a keystone. Helmet has a red shell with a gray facemask and stripe, with the crossed cannons logo adorning the sides.

Alternate uniform is a throwback to the teams original uniform set.

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  • PERRIN changed the title to (Philadelphia Added [13/40]) International Association of American Football
On 6/9/2019 at 10:49 PM, Legendshadow said:

Could the Mexico City team be called T-mex as in Tr x or team Mexico.


9 hours ago, Legendshadow said:

How will Mexico City look,  I  suggest using an angel because one of the most important landmarks of the city is the independence monument also called angel of the independence. May e you could use a Golden eagle or a luchador

I appreciate your suggestions, but I'm not looking for help with team names or ideas right now. As of right now, Mexico City's team is the Stingrays, with a color scheme of teal and cream.

A little unorthodox, I know, but something that I think still works. I'll post it sometime soon, as it's almost ready.

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  • PERRIN changed the title to HOU, MIN, DET updated 10/3 ~ NAFA Project

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