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MTL, IND, + Other updates added 8/30 ~ NAFA Project


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Some wonderful concepts and creations. Thanks for sharing.


There are my favorites so far.


Miami Suns (awesome logo and colors)

Mexico City Stingrays (awesome logo & colors)

Quebec Nordic Lights (awesome logo)

LA Waves (awesome logo & colors) the 1st one.

Las Vegas Venom (iconography)

Carolina Aviators (awesome name & logo)

Houston Voyagers (awesome name & logo)

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  • PERRIN changed the title to (BOS, CHA, CHI, CIN, STL Updates added [30/40]) International Association of American Football

I got a whole bunch of updates for y'all today. Let's jump right in.


Boston Mariners: Restructured some things to be more proportional and symmetrical, added a new font, and redesigned the uniforms.





Charlotte Aviators: Color scheme is now purple and old gold. Same basic concept, better execution.





Chicago Stars: Completely redid the shield so it reflects the flag better and put a bigger emphasis on powder blue. Uniforms are updated accordingly.





Cincinnati Shamrocks: Switched from a sans-serif font to an old-school block font, which looks much better, and updated the uniform striping to fit better across the uniform set.




St. Louis Legion: Rotated the head downward to look a bit more aggressive, touched up the shading, and added a custom font. Uniforms are adjusted accordingly.




That's all I have for now.


Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.

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Been a while since I posted on a thread in the concepts section, but I opted to take a look at what you have brewing here.... and I like a lot what I see. 

I could go into details on a few old designs, but let's focus on the newest stuff. 3 out of the 4 designs look much better, but the Shamrocks.... I vastly prefer the Sans-Serif C. I look at what you're going for with them and feel that it fits that classic logo look much better... maybe giving it an outline would help it stand out more, much like the Bears wishbone? 

Like I said, the other 3 you've posted look great, and I really enjoy the updates to the Stars you've made. I hope to see an update to Indiana & Ottawa shortly, as one has a great concept but the colours blended too much (Indy) & the other looks fantastic head to toe, but the logo needs some tweaking. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Once again, haven't made any progress on the remaining 10 teams, so here's another set of updates. Really hoped to get more feedback on the last post, but I'll move on to the next round of updates.


Denver Mountaineers: Complete redesign. New Colors, font, and uniforms. Thin, horizontal stripes are found throughout the identity, similar to the lines on topographical maps.




Houston Voyagers: Switched the wine back to red, adjusted the spacing on the roundel, and redesigned the uniforms.




Jacksonville Cyclones: New font, redesigned uniforms. Jersey steps have the hurricane warning flag in them. Inspired by @mattwillcox's Miami rivalry concept.




Minnesota Lumberjacks: Lightened the green a little, updated the logo, added a new font, and updated the uniforms.




Seattle Emeralds: Simplified the colors down to three shades of green, redid the logo without the space needle (not quite sure it works as a primary logo), and updated the uniforms.




That's all I have for now. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated. 


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  • PERRIN changed the title to (DEN, HOU, JAX, MIN, SEA Updates added [30/40]) International Association of American Football

Some really good updates! I really like Denver and Jacksonville, however, I have a some nitpicking; Seattle imo should be cut down to 2 shades of green, and maybe throw in yellow, I think a deep forest green and kelly could work well together, pair that with an athletic gold in place of the current dark green. If you wanted to stick with 3 shades, I’d separate them a bit more still. The logo also gets a bit lost in the helmet. Minnesota, I think the white m on the helmet stands out really poorly considering there’s no white anywhere else in the identity. I’m also concerned with how a cream colored helmet would look in practice. Jacksonville could try some black pants as an option maybe. Finally for Denver I’d simplify the helmet logo, the logo looks really good, but shrunken down on a navy helmet, some details get lost, I’d try a simplified shield with just the pickaxes maybe?

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  • 4 weeks later...

Concepts for the remaining teams are progressing  a lot slower than i'd like. Dallas Outlaws and Cleveland Ospreys have wordmarks and color schemes but not logos, Vancouver and Nashville have color schemes and wordmarks but no name, New York and Kansas City have only Color Schemes, and Portland and Atlanta have nothing at all. It will be a while before I get something ready to post here. Sorry for the wait. I may add more to my NFL concepts thread while i'm getting through the final teams.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Stockpiled some concepts during my hiatus. I've got two new teams and three updates. Let's start with the updates.


San Antonio Marshals: Changed the badge shape to fit better, replaced the 5-point star with a 6-point, and swapped out the black for a dark brown to give off a more western feel.

Uniforms are updated accordingly, with a bit of gold trim added to the sleeve cuffs and collar.




Ottawa Grey Jays: Streamlined the logo and colors and changed the font. Uniforms updated accordingly.




Lumières du Québec: Fixed some stroke inconsistencies and rotated the aurora striping. Uniforms have updated striping. Flag alternate is booted.




And the new teams...


New York Towers: Honors the captivating New York skyline, emphasizing the art deco style used on several famous buildings. Uniforms are fairly traditional.





Dallas Outlaws: References the history of thievery and swindling in the western frontier. Big rivals with San Antonio.





That's all I have ready right now. I've names down for all teams except Nashville, if you guys have any ideas. I don't know how long it will be before I'll have more concepts ready, and there are a few teams I want to update (primarily Denver and Philly), but I'm pretty close to the series' end. This series has been a great challenge and joy to me in many ways so far.


Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.


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  • PERRIN changed the title to (SA, OTT, QUE updates, New York & Dallas teams added [31/40]) International Association of American Football

The star and the circle are off-center in the marshals logo. Also I don't love all of the different stripes on quebec's helmets and jerseys. Maybe have the pinks and purples actually touch each other? Or have it go the other way (up the helmet?)

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On 5/27/2019 at 2:21 PM, Punchy_Gungus said:

Next up, the Winnipeg Blizzards. Northwest Division, North conference.



Named for the frigid canadian winters that engulf the city.

Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.

Love what you did with this post!  Really captured the essence of the city and the pride winnipeggers and manitobans have for our climate

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  • PERRIN changed the title to MTL, IND, + Other updates added 8/30 ~ NAFA Project

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