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MTL, IND, + Other updates added 8/30 ~ NAFA Project


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1 hour ago, texashockeyfan said:

Ottawa looks great, what city is next?

Have a few concepts that I'm not 100% happy with for Jacksonville, Denver, and Montréal. I'll probably post them in the next few days (edit: today), along with some updates to a few previous teams.

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Once again, sorry for the long absence, never was completely happy with any of the following concepts, but I thought I would post them for feedback. So here are a few beta concepts, along with some updates to some previous teams.


Jacksonville Cyclones: Happy with the team name, logo is probably going to stay, just need a secondary logo, and to pick one of the below color schemes. Not completely happy with the uniforms, either.

Black and Blue:


nQsOlpV.pngBurgundy and Powder Blue



Denver Mountaineers: Not completely happy with name, logo, or uniforms, but I think this is best I can do as of now.


Montréal Monarchs: My favorite of these three concepts, not happy with the name, as they are in the same division as the London Royals (might change their name), but I really like how the logo and uniforms turned out. Went for a 70s-style simple, timeless logo. Notches in the crown represent the fortifications of the city.




Updates: New custom font for the Chicago Stars, made minor tweaks to the shield itself, and changed the powder blue uniform.



New secondary logo and redesigned uniforms for the St. Louis Legion.




I'd love to here your thoughts, especially with color scheme you like more for Jacksonville. That's all for now.


Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.

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  • PERRIN changed the title to (Jacksonville, Denver, Montréal drafts, updates added [24/40]) International Association of American Football

This series is seriously good. I think your Las Vegas Venom concept is one the best I've ever seen. I like the blue version of Jacksonville as well! The colours work really well together.

I think the only one I'm not hyped about is the Checkers.

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This is a fantastic series @Punchy_Gungus ! Even motivated me to get signed up with an account after finding these forums last week.


First off, note these comments are coming from an admirer of this type of work and not a professional. Feel free to toss any of this in the bin if none of it resonates with you as you obviously know what you’re doing.


Chicago Stars- The shield continues to recall the Chicago Fire, perhaps too closely. The secondary logo is phenomenal and a great call to the famous Sears Tower. Perhaps make it the lead logo, or perhaps adapt the existing shield to some combination of the two?


Denver Mountaineers- Not sure Mountaineers is quite hitting the spot. Very reminiscent of the Rockies color wise, and the logo looks like a mishmash of past Nuggets and Rockies logos. The gray and purple pull me more towards a royalty theme here than it does for the baseball team for some reason, so there seems to be some sort of disconnect there.

As others have mentioned, if you want to go a different route with the mascot, Altitude is a possibility, but that rubs me more as a basketball team name than football. It also sounds a tad too new-agey, and football has always been better served with more rugged, classic names. Having said that, I do think an atypical mascot would be a good fit. How about the Colorado Climb? I think that gives off a pretty cool team identity of a team that builds upon success over time. Also think that would give you some room for a classic double letter design, perhaps even with a climber pulling himself up as he digs his axe in the lip of the C (or climbing up the curve?), but you’d have a better idea of what would work.


Jacksonville Cyclones- Both color schemes look good, but I think the Black and Blue have a more distinct feel and better relates to the mascot. Although… the blue comes out a little glossy and gives me more a “perfect, crystal clear sea water” feel than it does the feeling of a crushing hurricane. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as the current look is very crisp.

You’ve already kind of got this going on with the northern lights squad also being extremely colorful, but something unique could maybe be a Doppler Radar theme (maybe just as alternates)?



Ottawa Grey Jays- Just wanted to note here that I really enjoy this design even if it isn’t one that jumps out at you. There is something beautiful about the quiet, stoic look of the Jay here. The more I see the design the more it grows on me. I wouldn’t mess with this one much, if at all.


Indianapolis Checkers- As others have mentioned, the grey is too dark. The best-looking logo is the black and white logo which better represents the checkered flag. Uniforms are sharp.


Houston Voyagers- Great choice on the color change. Looks much, much better. I also really like the black and white logo here as well. Any thought on further implementing that? It brings a call back to the space race and the black and white televisions with which the world viewed the moon landing.


Minnesota Lumberjacks- My favorite design simply due to the gorgeous M with the negative space spruces. I do think the logo is a little busy though. Could the negative space at the top of the M (the diamond shape) be a simpler, more discrete reference to the northern star? I just feel like the winner here is that M design and the star design is pulling away from its glory. Your design there was so good, you may have had all the elements you were looking for without even realizing it!

 For the uniforms, perhaps add some chevron on the legging pattern to represent the spruces in the uniform design as well? Or on the helmet?



Top 5 favorite designs so far-

1-      Minnesota Lumberjacks

2-      Lumiéres du Québec

3-      Mexico City Stingrays

4-      Las Vegas Venom

5-      Ottawa Grey Jays


Overall feedback- There are a good number of the uniforms that utilize the same pattering for the helmet stripe, sleeving and leg. Maybe try changing it up on some of these, especially on the designs with a more unique pattering, like Vegas or Chicago. Repeating the pattern in several spots can have the opposite of the desired effect and instead mute the uniqueness since its everywhere we look.


Some of the weaker designs I feel (after Mountaineers) are the Baltimore Warriors and Seattle Shockwaves. They are still great (they all are!), but if you decide to revisit any I would put those at the head of the list.

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Additionally, some thoughts on potential names-


I like Drakes more than Mallards for Portland. Still sticking with the duck theme, but Drakes sounds a tad more intimidating.


Cleveland could maybe be something like the Rebels or maybe Radicals, or Fighters? It could be a reference to the rock and roll hall of fame and how rock and roll has often been associated with rebellious youth.


Dragons always has rubbed me as a menacing creature that for some reason doesn't have that translate well as a mascot. I personally like The Cincinnati Colossus, but that doesn't have much behind it other than I like the ring to it.



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Don't have any concepts I like yet, so I thought I should share some updates to a few teams.


Québec Lights: Updated logo and uniforms, added a few more colors to the aurora stripe, now one of my personal favorite concepts. Added alternate uniform based on the Québec flag.





Toronto Lakers: Tweaked shade of blue and the rope pattern and anchor, made the primary logo into a roundel, added a new custom font, and updated the uniform stripe.





Winnipeg Blizzards: Dropped silver from the color scheme, as I thought it was too similar to the Lakers. Added a new custom font and updated the uniforms accordingly.





Working on updates for some other teams, but that's all I have for now.

Made in Affinity Designer, C&C appreciated.


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  • PERRIN changed the title to (Québec, Toronto, Winnipeg updates added [24/40]) International Association of American Football

I just thought of a good name for Atlanta's team. The Express. The city began as a railroad terminal back in the 1800s. Also, are you going to rename the team in London, Ontario since you gave the Royals name to Montreal?. 


Other names I thought of:

Cincinnati Steamers 

Cleveland Rock 

Dallas Armadillos

Kansas City Rustlers

Memphis Soul

San Francisco Aftershock 


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4 hours ago, texashockeyfan said:

Any new concepts for November?

I've got plans to continue this series, just no completed concepts as of right now. Right now i'm scraping together some concepts for London and Dallas. They'll be posted whenever they're done.

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  • 3 weeks later...
On 6/19/2019 at 1:20 PM, Punchy_Gungus said:

Here's a list of teams within each conference and division, per @Mr. Sports Fanatic's request. I am taking suggestions for team names marked with X or ?


I'd like to keep most of these color schemes, if possible. I also also looking for some help with division names. All division members are locked.


EDIT: Some color schemes are not up to date. (New York, Buffalo, and Quebec)

Las Vegas Gamblers

San Francisco Donkeys-Symbol of Democratic Party, which is popular in San Francisco

Portland Rivermen-Portland is at the conflunce of two Rivers.

Cleveland MoonDogs-Nickname of local DJ responsible for coining the term "Rock n' Roll"

Cincinnati Carnations-State Flower


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Finally finished up a couple of concepts for London and San Francisco.


London Knights:



I'm happier with the name and colors and logo now, but I'm struggling to figure out some uniforms. Not 100% convinced it works as a primary logo, but it works for now.


Made in Affinity Designer. C&C appreciated.

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  • PERRIN changed the title to MTL, IND, + Other updates added 8/30 ~ NAFA Project

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