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Sabres 50th Anniversary Series


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Back in the autumn of 2016, the remaining Expansion Six all celebrated their 50th anniversaries, and to mark the occasion, I basically did a series split into four parts: the Kings leg, the Blues leg, the Penguins leg and the great North Stars-Seals trainwreck :D

Tonight...we ride again.  The Sabres and Canucks turn the big Five-O, and so I am summoned from the scrap heap to commemorate things.  As a number of weird things did, we begin in the 70s.  The Sabres use their original striping style, but with a slight tweak as I took cues from the white jersey with the differing colorations, and also put the AHL Bisons-inspired Buffalo wordmark to use.  The visiting Rangers are in the infamously short-lived 76-78 uniforms, but with the shield from one of their Winter Classic jerseys on the front.



The plan is as follows:

80s: vs Bruins (?  I'm thinking of going in a different direction, but they're who I have penciled in).  The Sabres' crest here will either be the goathead, this past Winter Classic's shoulder logo (in which case this'll be predominantly yellow) or the pre-Edge red jersey's crest.

90s: vs Lightning...I might go with the Buffaslug here.  Not sure whether I'll go with their original design or the rain storm jersey for TB.

2K: vs Blue Jackets...honestly...ugh...expectations suck sometimes.  Take a wild guess what's coming.

2010s: vs Canadiens...rolling with the Buffalo script template here.  I think.

Pre-Sabres Heritage: vs Capitals or Penguins


Before you ask, there will be a Canucks series too.  And yes, there will be flying V.

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3 hours ago, Blindsay said:

Could you possibly make a Calgary 40th anniversary thing too?

or blue jackets and wild 20th?

The Wild: probably not, partially for the same reason I didn't make a Flyers anniversary series: almost anything I could do would barely be a concept.  Also because a Wild 20th series wouldn't beat anything I did for em in the North Stars/Seals thread.  As far as the Flames, I'd rather wait a couple years, though I've probably already blown through one good idea already.  The Blue Jackets...probably not, though I'd be more willing to rehash the Chill tribute that appeared in the Stars/Seals thread...but then there's the issue that they're scheduled to appear in this thread in a couple days.


Tonight, we hit the 80s tribute using the 90s logos, which admittedly looks pretty sharp (granted, the "goathead" actually looked pretty sharp, its main problem was always what it wasn't, rather than what it was).  The opposing Bruins, meanwhile, avoid the issue of not looking different enough from their usual threads by going brown.



Next: Goathead jersey + Buffaslug vs. Lightning rainstorm.  Til then, have a party or something. :D

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Tonight: Sabres vs. Lightning, mashup edition: for the Sabres, the goathead jersey in the Buffaslug colors, an unholy matrimony if there ever was one.  Given the "totally 90s" vibe I'm aiming for with the matchup, I figured I won't disappoint anyone who wants a classic Discrim trainwreck...so here's the rainstorm, with the current bolt and a mix of the older colors and the dark gray from their new third.  And victory stripes.  I took a little liberty and threw in some gradient, even though I'm well aware that's probably the only 90s staple the rainstorm jersey didn't have :D (incidentally, I'd initially had the gradient's starting point higher, but lowered it because it caused the Lightning jersey to clash very poorly with the Sabres)



Next up: 2000s vs. Blue Jackets...in which I'll probably have no idea what I'm doing for Columbus until I get started, and am also tempted to abandon using the fugly Buffaslug template...eh, basically, you'll know what's in store when I know.  Now yell words or something.

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Indecision led to a twofer tonight...first, the main event: Sabres vs Blue Jackets....Buffalo in the white Buffaslug temp, with royal blue replacing navy...and the classic crest...eh, not quite, as I snuck the '18 Winter Classic buffalo in there.  For one night only, the Blue Jackets are in lime green, and Stinger makes a one-game comeback.



And now, two other options I'd considered: Buffalsug temp in black/red, and pre-Edge red alt style in gold, with the WC buffalo on front.



We're nearing the end of the line already, but I've been having a good time so far.  Next, 2010's 40th anniversary template vs the Canadiens (in their own 100th anniversary throwback inspired set).  Not sure what logo (and consequently, color set) I'll be using yet.  And after that, there will be a Buffalo Bisons tribute...and I've decided to pit that against the Penguins in a concept I meant to make years ago: Pittsburgh Hornets tribute.

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...And we've reached the end of the line with another twofer...first, 2010s Night vs. the Canadiens.  The Goat Head-era red alt is basically reimagined in the image of the Buffalo-script fauxbacks, and in silver.  Meanwhile, I basically tried to combine three throwback jerseys into one for Montreal-shoulder stripes from their original blue and white sweaters, green hem and cuffs from another set, and a tame version of the barberpole from that set.  So, how does vert, blanc et rouge digest?

Live from the blooper reel, when I'd initially saved this...well, it served as a reminder to keep multitasking to a minimum.  I was making both of these sets at the same time, so...um, both the Sabres and Habs' jerseys were initially red.  Oops.  :hockeysmiley:



Finally, I end this series with a Bisons-inspired heritage jersey, featuring shoulder stripes and the only good thing to come out of the Turd Burger jersey-the crossed sabers captaincy patch.  As threatened, the Penguins don a uniform inspired by their predecessors, the Pittsburgh Hornets.  I was somewhat iffy about all the stars, which actually existed, but went in this direction in the end.



Thanks for following this series, thanks for liking, and thanks for commenting!  In the next few days, I'll be starting the Canucks series!


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These last two saved this series. I was refraining from commenting until now because my logo OCD was triggered with that goat head on an 80s jersey and the slug on a 90s jersey.  I love the shoulder stripes on that bison-inspired jersey. Not sure how that would really work with an adizero cut but it looks neat here. And a silver sabres Jersey seems overdue in a way.

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19 hours ago, appleclock said:

These last two saved this series. I was refraining from commenting until now because my logo OCD was triggered with that goat head on an 80s jersey and the slug on a 90s jersey.  I love the shoulder stripes on that bison-inspired jersey. Not sure how that would really work with an adizero cut but it looks neat here. And a silver sabres Jersey seems overdue in a way.

As far as the OCD thing, even looking at the four older series, I actually understand where you're coming from there...why is this dummy making a fauxback for a team with a half-century of history?  Well, why not?  It's not like I haven't done it before :D 

And as for how the Bisons style jersey would work on the adizero temp...the Avs look like the Avs again.  Shoulder stripes seem like they'd be child's play by comparison.

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