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4 hours ago, dont care said:

He deserved it. Even if he wasn’t trolling his nationalistic views were too radical to be around here.


All that complaining and yet not a single mention of the Raptors, Canada's team, in the NBA finals, who were at the time close to a championship.

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1 hour ago, BeerGuyJordan said:

I mean, it felt like it was a mad dash to a ban or a nationalist rage-induced stroke.


I have to rule out it being a heat of the moment thing because he's been posting nationalistic posts since 2016. Most of his posts filled the NHL threads with rants, which contained a bunch of politics.

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18 minutes ago, Crabcake47 said:

Like Wings said, I wouldn’t be shocked if he wasn’t even Canadian. The way he posted just lent itself to more of the “professional troll” type. 


Well, he did know who the Pickton Brothers were. Then again, all that means is that he’s decently versed in serial killer knowledge. 


Anyway, I’m glad that pest has been banned.

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