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Redefining the NHL (12/17 - Winter Classic)

JJ Anderes

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On 7/3/2019 at 7:26 PM, JJ Anderes said:













EDIT: The secondary logo is inspired by the Buffalo city flag.

It looks pretty good, Dahlin (;))...


I don't much care for the white shoulders on the blue sweater. That's my only criticism.


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Sabres - I feel like a white eye and horn would do some good on the road. Maybe even white text in the body too.


Stars - I (Texas-raised, hockey-crazed Canadian) love the shoulder patch on the primaries, tho I think it needs to be larger in the current mock up. And I think a recolored version would make a better helmet logo for the alt rather than simply slapping a Texas flag on there. Didn't like the star-stitched numbers at first glance, but its a pretty cool take on a part of the jersey that is almost always neglected outside of specialty looks.


Great work on these and on the rest of the series that precedes!

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Dallas is really great. Some awesome small details. Like the hanger effect flag, and I didn’t notice the star stitching until a previous comment, but that’s a great subtle feature and a nice alternative to sublimating something in there. 


One thing perhaps wrong I see is the yoke stripes on the back don’t match the front on the home and away. 

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