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Redefining the NHL (12/17 - Winter Classic)

JJ Anderes

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That Tampa set is absolutely gorgeous, and I would love to see that set on the ice in an actual NHL game. The Sharks one looks very good, too; the shark tooth-shaped stitching in the stripes is a fun touch, but I actually think a black shoulder yoke could improve the home and away set just enough to be called perfect (though, selfishly, I'd be so down with silver coming back into the jerseys as an accent color).


As for who should be done next? I feel like the Cats would be the obvious choice for me. Their brand at this point can really go nowhere but up. 😛 If you don't want to do both Florida teams in a row, though, the Rangers would be an interesting brand to try and redesign.

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On 7/3/2019 at 5:26 PM, JJ Anderes said:













EDIT: The secondary logo is inspired by the Buffalo city flag.

Some cool stuff there--I haven't liked most of Buffalo's looks

But I'd like to see this with a yellow Buffalo & yellow shoulders & #s on the home--I think that would balance out more nicely.

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12 hours ago, Section30 said:

I like the Rangers, but the diagonal text isn't vertical enough it looks awkward.




The diagonal needs to be more vertical. 


The even-spaced striping on the whites with regards to hem, sleeves, and yoke is really nice though. 

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On 6/23/2019 at 8:34 PM, JJ Anderes said:













Up next: Pittsburgh...


C&C is welcome and appreciated! Which teams do you want to see next?


I absolutely love the idea of the Canucks making green their primary with navy blue helmets and pants. It's a look that they can easily own...even if Seattle goes with green. Johnny Canuck is my Canucks logo all the way, but because of his green shirt, I think JC could use a backdrop platform, ie, a V, a C or a roundel.

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