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Montreal/Tampa Bay Rays name speculation

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ESPN's Jeff Passan is reporting that MLB has given the Tampa Bay Rays permission to explore becoming a dual-city team, splitting their time between new stadiums in Tampa Bay and Montreal.


The last sentence of the piece touches on the name situation:


It is too early in the process, sources said, to answer other questions, such as the name of the team or where playoff games would be held.


Can't think of an identity that would serve as a common cultural, historical, or even native wildlife link between the two cities, and I imagine Montrealers would want to bring back the Expos name, especially with the Bronfman family involved.


I wonder whether an Expos revival would use their original logos and uniforms, their 90s/00s look, or a new direction altogether.

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Two thoughts ...


1) History would make us speculate on a name like ...

  • Kansas City-Omaha Kings or New Orleans-Oklahoma City Hornets (Both cities in name under one nickname)
  • The Floridians (Nickname without geographical identifier -- bad example here, but they were a regional franchise).

2) Why not split the team identities? Have both the Montreal Expos and Tampa Bay Rays ... they're one franchise, but when they're in Montreal they're the Expos and the Rays while in Tampa. On the road you could maybe split that throughout the year?

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Montreal-Tampa Bay Ex-Rays - The name would not only pay homage to the history of the Expos and Rays, but would also lend itself to a team logo depicting a radiograph of a player's skeleton. The  primary mark would, in turn, be emblematic of the dead-from-the-neck-up brainstorming that concocted this idea, the bare-bones revenues generated by such a two-city set-up, and the skeletal attendance that would result in both host markets.

Barring that, just go with The Bingo Sternberg Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings.     

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