Just Another Batch of NHL Seattle Concepts

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11 hours ago, sparky chewbarky said:

Hello v... Nice work on these...some good outside-of-the-box thinking...


Really like your Pilots secondary propellor logo...It's got a great vintage logo feel to it. Pilots can have both nautical and aviation references, and your combo of a propellor and captain's wheel is a great fusion. 


I like your direction on the Evergreens. I agree with you that with "Evergreens", you could pull in the plaid element. If there's a city that could rock the plaid, it'd be Seattle.

The "Tree-Sweater" would make a fun alt, in the same vein as the Canucks' "V", and the Dallas "Star" sweaters of the Modano era.


I like your Sockeyes primary. Would like to see that on the traditionally-striped sweaters.


The Mets double-line "Needle" logo is very nice! 

I think on the dark home sweaters, you could just reverse that logo (white on green), rather than put the white background on it.


Again, nice work! ...

Thanks so much for your feedback! Your NHL Seattle concepts have been an inspiration!


For the Pilots, I was trying to channel the '69 Pilots feel without leaving it feeling dated.


Here's a more traditional striping pattern on the Sockeyes. While it doesn't feel as special to me as before, I've kept the waves as a Vegas-style embossing as a bit of a compromise:



And a plaid home & away for the Evergreens:


BTW I think my main version could be called the "Flying Tree."


I tried the Metros logo in monochrome, and it's a bit better if I use just one shade of green. I think because the Space Needle is supposed to be white, the green looks weird to me.



Thanks again!

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On 6/27/2019 at 2:52 PM, Blindsay said:

Sockeyes: darken the blue on the home

Metropolitans part 1: an idea : make the edges of the S flow around the jersey and get rid of the striping.

Mets part 2 : I wonder how a cursive word mark would work on the alternate 

Emeralds: replace the teal with dark blue, make the SEATTLE and the edge of the space needle white.

Keep it up man!!

Thanks for all of your input! I've tried out your ideas for the Metros, and I think they work pretty well.


Here's the Metros 2 alt with the script from the NHL Seattle website.



Your idea for the Metros 1 logo was pretty intriguing... It reminded me of this fun, unorthodox uniform by @Eric Westhaver. Here's my take on a Flying S alt:


The split-line font is AW Conqueror Inline.

Hope that's what you meant!

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