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Teams that pull off generic colors

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Red and blue thematically fit a team named for American independence. Not so much boats and car parts. Honestly, if the Pistons wanted a color scheme that fits the name, they'd go for a really drab, early '00s-esque look. I'm thinking black, navy, and Vegas gold.


Speaking of teams wearing black, it has to be said: the Raiders.

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I wonder if generic is the wrong term. Maybe common would be the right term. Like a Red/White/Blue color scheme can be considered common across all sports. Sixers may have designed a better identity off those colors than say the Pistons. 

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32 minutes ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

I can understand using RWB if the team has a patriotic theme, or the B/W for the White Sox, but a lot of teams could do better. For an old team there were limited colors available and tradition keeps them as is.  


That's somewhat true.  Penn State's original colors were Pink and Black.

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