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2019 NFL Season: Super Bowl LIV

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5 hours ago, Dolphins Dynasty said:

Alright, I'll be ignorant: What makes Andy Reid a scumbag? I don't follow the Chiefs and I've never cared about the Eagles enough to have knowledge on their past players/coaches. Is this about his deceased son?


The man was offered and declined a leave of absence in favor of sleeping in the office and his kid died.  Football was bigger than his family.  He kept Lesean McCoy employed despite his transgressions.  Ousting him is the only thing that Chip Kelly did right.  Reid now not only harbors, but embraces guys that beat and injure women and children.  So much for being a good mormon guy that does things "the right way".


Taking his personal failings out of it, he came up short in every opportunity he had as a coach.  When the lights were on, he choked.  He was out coached in literally every big spot, and lost, despite often having better talent.


He's trash as a coach, and as a man.  His wife and surviving children should hate him for choosing his job over them, and his football players should either 1) love him because he doesn't care how much they pound on women or children or 2) love him because they can take it easy and he'll never get on them for it.

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Speaking of scumbags in the NFL, I just finished the new Aaron Hernandez documentary.


Ho lee :censored:


I expected that to be absolutely insane (and have been REALLY excited to see it), but it blew me away just how crazy it was. You sort of feel for the kinds of demons he had, but still. What an absolutely psychopathic maniac that guy was. Amazing how many wrong roads that guy had to go down to get where he ended up. 

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5 minutes ago, Wings said:

Odd quirk:


Raiders move to LA

49ers win 5 SB's

Raiders move back to Oakland

49ers win 0 SB's

Raiders move to Vegas

Uh oh 

And it became official yesterday, the Las Vegas Raiders.


The Ginger Hammer is "All In" on Las Vegas now. Especially since the Allegiant Stadium PSL revenue was $230M more than projected, thus the addition of sideline suites.  60% of PSL sales were within Nevada, but that tells me brokers really are investing in the team, but "much" of the other 40% were from California. All 50 states and six other countries have reportedly bought PSLs. 



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Well, if y'all need me, I'll be up here in the snow somewhere researching delectable crow recipes.


Seriously, though, I'm happy for [the] KC [fans] finally getting off two schneids* and making it [back] to the Super Bowl. This team is incredibly fun to watch, and whether it be GB or SF (I'm hoping GB just for the color contrast), they'll have their hands full, for sure. Plus, Pat Mahomes potentially winning a SB so young in his career...yeah, I can dig it. 


(This also gets me out of the awkward position of having to root for the team that represents the city I just moved away from--or those backed-up uniforms of theirs--so there's that, too.)


*The other schneid is finally beating Tennessee after losing four straight, including earlier this season.

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52 minutes ago, AustinFomBoston said:

Mahomes is the best QB in the league, can anyone deny this? 

Dude has the best offensives weapons in the league and has one of the greatest offensive minds of all time. He's good but right now he's also the most overrated player in league history not named Tim Tebow. That said if the 9ers win rn i hope to hell he plays like the best QB because seriously :censored: the bay. 

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