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So I have been tinkering with several different options for the OKC Thunder this coming season.  These are based off of the city & statement collections, as if they brought them into their regular rotation.  Sorry for the crudeness of the drawing.  Let me know what you all think.   






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Some of the line work in the initial group seems off. The lines on the dark blue jersey are crisp and clean throughout, but on the lighter blue, white and orange, they seem a bit fuzzy. And the white looks like it has a bit of dirt on the lower front. Almost like there the dark blue was the first designed, and then a poor recolor was done.

With the City Editions, it looks like the same thing, just with the teal jersey being the original, and the rest being recolors.

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So with the new additions to the Thunder unis, I again repost this because its' s time to fire whoever designs their uniforms!!!  They are getting rid of their 2 best uniforms this upcoming season.  I like the addition of the OKC Bombing unis, but I would appreciate them more if they wore them selectively in say April to commemorate the anniversary.  At least keep the navy statement & the teal city versions!!!

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