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8 minutes ago, Bucfan56 said:

I’m still bummed nobody ever brought back the San Jose SaberCats. 


If they can find an owner willing to lose money hand over fist, The Sabercats will be back.....in the IFL.  I would not be at all surprised if the owner of the Oakland Panthers of the IFL (who also owns the San Diego Strike Force and Cedar Rapids River Kings of the IFL) brings them back.


It's interesting that the Rattlers head coach is Kevin Guy, who also owns the Tucson Sugar Skulls of the IFL. 



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The SaberCats were definitely a strange team in the Bay Area. They had a cult like following by a small group and it made the games exciting! You didn’t hear about them often, but when they folded it was a little sad. Kind of like when the San Jose Stealth left. (My uncle has a SaberCats shrine that he calls his man cave. It is both awesome and terrifying.)


Odd fact: Mark Grieb, SaberCat Legend and arguably top 20 AFL player during its existence, was my chemistry teacher sophomore year of high school. I dressed up as him for Halloween as a joke and he was nice enough to sign my shirt and my uncle’s team helmet that I was borrowing. (He uses the helmet as a center piece for the “man cave” now.)

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