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Would the Canucks Stick in Rink logo make a good primary logo?

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3 minutes ago, Mockba said:

No.  It's a dumb logo.


That's probably why they're keeping the mid 90's Orca still around for decades later. It's like it's a product of the mid 90's, a cartoon whale blasting out of a C-shaped block of ice. But what else are they going to use? The stick n rink?




6 minutes ago, Mockba said:





Johnny Canuck was their WHL logo from around 1952 to 1970. I think the team wants their identity to focus on the NHL era only, even though this is an absolutely good design.


The lumberjack I don't remember if the team ever used it anywhere. The Vachon logo was always a very unpromient secondary.


So basically, they're stuck in a pickle.

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5 minutes ago, Ice_Cap said:

Must we have this discussion again?


Agreed. We've gone around in these same circles in the NHL changes megathread and again in the thread specific to the Canucks' new uniform set. There's no need to go back over the same ground a third time.

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