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US Soccer Concept


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After watching both our women's and men's teams play on Sunday, I kept getting the urge to make a new set for them. Looking at the "new" crest and the previous one, I'm surprised the teams never tried basing a jersey design off the stripes on the crests.

United States (2014 - 2015)United States (2016 - Pres)

Also being a huge fan of the waldo uniforms, I wanted to go with a similar look, but not an exact copy. I decided to do three uniforms, and feature some of the young US stars. So without further adieu, here is my first concept in quite some time. Hope you enjoy. 







The back of the neckline on the jerseys feature a vertical USA. The women's team will have 4 stars surrounding them, while the men's are (sadly) blank. 






C&C appreciated!

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6 hours ago, BellaSpurs said:

I would lower the stripes just a tad, it’s sorta clashing with the numbers right now. That or raising the numbers a touch. It’s a really good look otherwise, I really like the 3rd!

I'd do the opposite and raise them higher a bit. Maybe place an outline on the numbers so they don't bleed into each other on TV.

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I really like the idea of replicating the new logo's stripes! An elegant variation on the Waldos.

I really appreciate the blue shorts at home.


I'm with @MJWalker45... I say raise them up so that the edge goes through the crest, and put a gap in the center stripe.

Also, you might be able to put some stripes low on the back...


You can leave the third as-is, though.



Good work!

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1 hour ago, rmc523 said:

I like the overall idea!  The only thing I'm not sure about is the light striping on the back.

Unless you leave a box for the numbers or add a thick outline on the name and numbers, that sublimated striping is the better option. 

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On the home (white) jersey, you have the red/white stripes at the bottom and then the same red/white stripes in the logo.  It looks a bit like a Mini-Me Shirt Pocket.


With the blue and red jerseys, you don't get this macro/micro issue since the stripes are differently colored.  


That's the only thing that sticks out to me, though.  Otherwise, this is a 10/10 

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I'd take the treatment you used on the thirds and use it for the primary.  The stripes being at the top of the shirt looks so much better.


In either case, I think the numbers on the front are too low.

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16 hours ago, Griffinmarlins said:

Okay, so here are versions with lowered and raised stripes. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the lower stripes, because the higher ones end up looking like this...

Image result for candy stripe overalls

But I'll let y'all decide for yourselves.

2z5lw5c.jpg 15d5jjq.jpg

Yeah, I agree that the lower stripes looks better.. I might suggest enlarging the number slightly and having it somewhat mimic the "USA" in the crest - flat on top, but angled or pointed on the bottom

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