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NFL, Nike Introduce Inverted Football Jerseys

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2 hours ago, tohasbo said:

I'm pretty sure that's actually @Gothamite's blog :P

Shame those Packers uniforms never saw the light of day. They were pretty sharp, still traditional enough to work for Green Bay, and would have had at least two Super Bowl appearances, a Super Bowl victory, and Brett Favre's career to their tenure to endear themselves to the Packers faithful. Even more if they managed to stick around into the Rogers era.

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14 hours ago, tohasbo said:




It was actually in 1994.  Ron Wolf was the one who had ideas for changes for the Packers.  It was quickly abandoned before it ever saw the field

You can read about it all at the following:



Aha, yes I knew about that abandoned Ron Wolf initiated rebrand, which was pre-Nike.  Gothamite's post indicated Nike was behind it or that there was another attempt by Nike when they took over the license in 95/96 for on-field in 1997.  I was looking for clarification, because as I know it, there was never any attempt to change the Packers under Nike from 1997-2000. 


One thing I can confirm is that the reduction of sleeve stripes for any team, was based solely on the way the players themselves were wearing and wanting the jerseys to fit,

to be tighter and less restrictive in their range of motion (ie: less or no sleeves)  It was born out of necessity due to the shrinking sleeves, not some conspiracy or to "leave our mark".

This was a key inspiration into the design of the Broncos jerseys in 1997, factoring in NO sleeve stripes and still have a unique on-field visual.



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