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NHL Legacy Alternate Concepts


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Now for the oldest team (and arguably the one with the least amount of changes)

Montreal Canadiens:

1900s-1920s: Sleeve logo

1930s: Sleeve logo placement, colors

1940s-1960s: General design, chest logo

1970s-mid 1980s: Number font

Late 1980s-present: Number placement (back and sleeves)


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Decided to knock off all three NY metro area teams in one go-around:


New Jersey Devils

1980s-early 1990s: Colors, logo

Mid 1990s-mid 2010s: Number font, general layout

Late 2010s-present: Striping patterns


New York Islanders

1970s: Colors

1980s-mid 1990s, early-mid 2000s: General layout

Late 1990s: Shoulder logo

2010s-present: Chest logo, number font


New York Rangers

1920s-1940s: Chest design (drop shadows added)

1950s-early 1970s, late 2000s-present: Sleeve and bottom design, number font

1980s-early 1990s: Backplate/name font and design

Mid 1990s-mid 2000s: Colors


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Toronto Maple Leafs

Note: I excluded their time as the Arenas & St Pats; Leafs only

Mid 1920s-mid 1930s, late 1960s-early 1970s: Sleeve & bottom pattern design

Late 1930s-mid 1960s: Two-stripe design, colors

Mid 1970s-mid 1990s: Number font

Late 1990s-late 2000s: Number outlining

Mid 2010s-present: Logo


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17 hours ago, mattr1198 said:

Tampa Bay Lightning:

Early 1990s-mid 2000s: General design, primary color

Late 2000s: Shoulder logo (bolt from 2010s)

Early 2010s-present: Chest logo, secondary color



When the news came out last year that Tampa's alternate would be black...I imagined this. Good work.


If you want to get crazy, I'd make the lightning bolt (or the oval) silver, but not both. 

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