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Great nicknames (try to create these logos)


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Hey, this is sort of off-topic but check some of these nicknames out. If you actually went to one of these colleges, I apologize for any annoyance you might have with me for signaling these nicknames out.

So think what it would be like to have to design a fierce logo for some of these teams or what it would be like to be a fan of the Wonder Boys.  :D

So here they are:

Arizona Tech Wonder Boys

Oglethorpe Stormy Petrels (Stormy Petrel?)

South Carolina-Spartanburg Running Rifles (A little dangerous don't you think?)

Southeast Missouri State Otahkians (What is an Otahkian?)

Southern Arkansas Muleriders (LETS TO MULERIDERS!)

California Maritime Academy Keelhaulers

Webster Gorloks (Maybe somebody got drunk and spelled Warlords wrong?)

Evergreen State College Geoducks (pronounced GOO-ee-ducks, not JEE-oh-ducks)

California State-Long Beach Dirtbags

California-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs

Logos found for:

California Santa Cruz:


(I think this is it, should seee mascot - LOL)

Just my little overtime work right here, got all this from a locker-room chat with my basketball teammates, don't ask me how it got started, all I kno is it steamed into something else that was totall off-topic.


I've got more too, these are just a few good ones.

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The Rhode Island School of Design here in Providence, while not known for it's sports programs, has a club hockey team nicknamed the Nads, so the chant at the games are Go Nads Go!!! They played a game at the then Providence Civic Center after a Providence Bruins game and had then mayor, presently incarcerated Vincent "Buddy" Cianci as the honorary coach.
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Webster University got the Gorlock nickname from the fact that the campus is at the intersection of Gore and Lockwood Avenues.  As for Southeast Missouri State, Otahkians is used for the women's team and is apparently a more flattering term than "Squaws" seeing as how the men's teams are the Indians.
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