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I've been out of the concept game for a while but my creative juices got going again and decided to throw this concept together.


This was inspired by the Flyers new wordmark font and their Stadium Series practice jerseys (see below).





I am anticipating comments saying that it's just a recoloring of last years stadium series jersey. And I would like to counter that argument with the following:

I have been a flyers fan my whole life and they have used this striping pattern on their arms for a very long time. The only difference is that there is no stripe the length of the arm connected to it. (Check out their uniform history from 1983-2007) I just had to make the top stripe a little thicker so that it will look good.

Secondly, as an extension of first argument, this would be a realistic third jersey look considering their history with this striping pattern. In my opinion it is very rare that a third jersey that is completely different from anything they've done before is received well. Think of Atlanta's weird maroon jersey, Florida's baby blue thirds, basically anything Buffalo has done, and the "throwback" flyers jersey which I never liked because it just never looked like a Flyers look.

I imagined a lot of different options and I couldn't imagine anything looking better than this look. I even thought about a stripe the length of the arm where the outline was the shape of the crack in the Liberty Bell, but I didn't think that would work very well.

And lastly... yeah, it kinda is a recoloring of that jersey... shoot me lol.


I also realize that the arm stripes on the middle image don't look symmetrical but the striping is similar to what the Flyers have always used which is a curved look so that there is no point on the outside of the arm, just a smooth line. So from the outside of the arm it will look straight but from the inside of the arm it will look curved.


Lastly, I put together a possible 3rd logo below. I was always going to use "Philly" on the front but I thought this might look good on the shoulder, but I never quite fell in love with it. Also, for realism's sake, the only time the Flyers have had a shoulder patch is for a memorial or the 50th anniversary patch. So adding the shoulder patch wouldn't be a very "Flyers look."

It is essentially the Liberty Bell logo from the Phillies batting practice/spring training hat with the Flyers logo on top. And in all honesty, it is a direct copy of the new Phillies logo.

But I thought I'd share it anyway, so let me know what you think.



I am always open to constructive criticism so I'd love to hear what you all think.

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I actually think if you put “PHILLY” straight across in a rectangle like the nameplate that say “FLYERS” on the back, it would look nicer and take it a little but further away from the recent Stadium series simillarity. Just my opinion. Overall it’s nothing crazy but I’m sure it would sell. 


I’d use the bell logo on the pants too.

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Generally, I'm not too big a fan of diagonal font jerseys outside of the Rangers. But I actually really like this. I would suggest putting "PHILLY" at a greater diagonal so that the P isn't as close to the armpit. 


The idea of the alternate logo is nice but it could be executed better than just copying the bell graphic that the Phillies use. As is, I'm not sure if the outline around the Flyers logo needs to be thicker or if the logo needs to be scaled down some, but it just looks a little muddied. 


Oh, and just as a heads up, the Adidas logo on the back of your jersey is backwards. 

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Agree with @Heitert about that alt logo. Shrink the P logo down or rework the bell, because right now they overlap in a strange way.


That said the design is pretty cool! The wordmark works well on a diagonal like that.


I'd be interested in a captain's patch of the Liberty Bell with a C in that font.

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