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College Basketball 2019-20

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45 minutes ago, CaliforniaGlowin said:

Baylor showed a grey and neon uni as part of their rebrand.  They have yet to wear it.  They had an 80's theme night last night and STILL didn't wear it.  🙄  Missed opportunity!

Uh I’m pretty sure grey and neon have nothing to do with Baylor during the 80’s. They were still a forest and gold team then.

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On 12/8/2019 at 11:05 PM, MattMill said:

Since at least Kawhi's days (in sneaker circles or the sneaker world), SDSU was wearing retro Jordans on court at a rate maybe only UNC could eclipse. I'll give them a pass here  

Although the outline and trim doesn't look quite right. The jerseys come off as a replica. 


Finally their retro Js will have a truly matching silhouette.



It's odd but there is a semi connection. 


Then again, if the coach was a fan of hoosiers or space jam or bull Durham, would he want related jerseys for his own team? This is a minor league baseball move. What's next? Star wars theme for every NCAA bball team?


SDSU is sponsored by Jordan as well.


and as far as Hoosiers...hello Pacers.

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Syracuse Orange Unveil Throwback Uniform Set

December 13, 2019 - 18:16 PM

The Syracuse men’s basketball program on Friday morning unveiled throwback uniforms inspired by the set the Orange wore from 1983-94. Syracuse will wear the road version of the throwback uniforms — which prominently display a script font across the chest […]


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North Carolina Tar Heels To Wear Throwback Uniforms In Return To Carmichael Arena

December 15, 2019 - 18:48 PM

For the first time in more than three decades, the North Carolina men’s basketball team will play a regular-season game in historic Carmichael Arena.  To celebrate the momentous occasion, the Tar Heels will wear throwback uniforms during Sunday’s game against […]


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Nike strikes again


Let's do dark grey with black numbers. Sure. That's a great idea!



Worst of the weekend for sure. 


Up close, I guess it's fine from a referee perspective. But from any regular TV viewing angles, it's a disaster. Someone needs to be fired. In motion, it was a crap shoot.  Fun times. 


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