Soccer in a football world: The American Soccer League (08/06 Washington Senators + Poll Added)

Last team for the ASL East.  

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Wow! The Washington Senators logo is really great!


Btw check your inbox!

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Well, it's been a while again, I've been kinda busy IRL and didn't find time or motivation to proceed with this project. But recently I've found myself going back to this and rethinking some concepts I've made. 



To start things off here is a more modern rendition of the ASL Logo. It retains the A and the soccer ball that where present in the original logo, but overall feels a lot more contemporary.







I also decided on the final colors and typography of the Santos Logo, at first I was considering using this particular concept for a team based in LA but I decided against that because most of this badge was specifically made to represent San Diego.









This is more a drastic redesign for the Saint Louis Raiders. I've found that I was using a lot of roundels in the original project so I wanted to shake things up. 





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