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Color distribution of favorite teams?

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I been thinking about this very topic the past two weeks, oddly enough. Just looking at my favorites (or at least what I call my favorites, in two instances): garnet and gold (my #1, Florida State--to which my high school colors of maroon and white/gold are similar), black and yellow (my #2, the Pittsburgh Pirates), columbia blue and navy (of the Tennessee Titans--who really grew on me during my time in Tennessee), and then yellow and navy, both for the Nashville Predators (though I'll see how long they remain a favorite since I no longer live in Nashville), and the Indiana Pacers (who I've never quite stopped paying attention to). Now, all that said, although I don't follow the team as much as I used to, I'm still insanely attached to the creamsicle orange and (& red) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of my youth, so there's the orange.  All that said, I've also gotten close in recent years to two other college programs who also share a dark red color (Iowa State and Arkansas), so if I were to add all those up...


Yellow (Gold): 25.00%

(Dark) Red: 18.75%

Navy: 18.75%

Black: 6.25%

(Metallic) Gold: 6.25%

Orange: 6.25%

Columbia Blue: 6.25%

White: 12.5%*


(Interestingly enough, yellow is my favorite color and that was before all this...cool!)


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So my favorite teams are as follows:


NBA - Jazz (navy)

NFL - Colts (royal blue)

MLB - no particular favorite, but closest one is Mariners (navy)

MLS - Real Salt Lake (claret)

Collegiate - Ole Miss (navy) and Utah Valley (forest green)

FIFA - Spain (red)

World Baseball Classic - Puerto Rico (red)


- No favorite NHL team, just a fan of hockey in general -


So that looks like (if math is right):


1. Navy (37.5%)

2. Red (25%)

T3. Royal Blue, Claret, Forest Green (12.5% each)


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I'm using only generic color names:

  1. Miami Dolphins: aqua, orange
  2. New York Mets: royal blue, orange
  3. Boston Celtics: green
  4. Boston Bruins: black, athletic gold
  5. FC Barcelona: blue, red (the shades are forever changing)
  6. Liverpool FC: red
  7. D.C. United: black, red
  8. Kansas Jayhawks: royal blue, red


4/14 red 29%

3/14 blue 21%

2/14 orange 14%

2/14 black 14%

1/14 aqua 7%

1/14 green 7%

1/14 athletic gold 7%


Pretty good distribution ... not surprisingly, red and blue are #1 & #2.


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Washington Redskins: burgundy

Washington Nationals: red

Washington Capitals: red

Washington Wizards: red

D.C. United: black


3 out of 5 in red. If you want to count the Skins' burgundy as red then that's 4. DC United is the oddball that doesn't have red as it's primary color.

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Let me try...


1. St. Louis Cardinals: Red and Navy

2. Kansas City Chiefs: Red and Yellow

3. St. Louis Blues: Royal, Navy, and Yellow

4. Sporting Kansas City: Sky and Navy

5. Indiana Pacers: Navy and Yellow

6. Notre Dame Ftg. Irish: Navy and Gold

7. St. Louis Univ. Billikens: Blue

8. Club América: Blue and Cream

9. Tottenham Hotspur: Navy

10. FC Bayern Munich: Red and Blue


Looking at this list, I can already tell blue and yellow feature heavily among my favorite teams.

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I'm going to just stick to the two primary colors, otherwise you get yellow with the Cardinals (which you don't associate with them really) or grey with the Pacers, which isn't really a color they use except in the primary logo. The exception is for the Fever, as they use all three of their colors pretty actively. Also, some teams call their color "gold" when really I think it's yellow, so I'm gonna go ahead and just consider that yellow. I'm also going to group Royal and Navy blue together just as Blue even though I know they are different colors.


1. St. Louis Cardinals: Red and Navy (blue)

2. Indianapolis Colts: Royal Blue and White

3. Indiana Pacers: Navy (blue) and Gold (yellow)

4. St. Louis Blues: Royal Blue and Gold (yellow)

5. Missouri State: Maroon and White

6. Indiana Hoosiers: Cream (white) and Crimson (red)

7. Indiana Fever: Navy (blue), Red, and Gold (yellow)


So that would be 33% blue, 20% for all three of red, yellow, and white, and then 7% maroon.



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Breaking it down by primary colors for college/major pro teams who I like enough to buy/own/contemplate owning merchandise for them:


1. Utah Jazz (NBA): Navy, Dark Green, Gold


2. St. Louis Cardinals (MLB): Red, Navy


3. Carolina Panthers (NFL): Black, Light Blue, Silver/Gray


4. Utah State Aggies (NCAA): Navy, White, Silver/Gray


5. Carolina Hurricanes (NHL): Red, Black, Silver/Gray


6. Cleveland Browns (NFL): Brown, Orange


7. Denver Broncos (NFL): Orange, Navy


8. Oakland Athletics (MLB): Dark Green, Gold


9. St. Louis Blues (NHL): Blue, Navy, Gold


10: Real Salt Lake (MLS): Red, Blue, Gold


11. Dallas Stars (NHL): Green, Black


12: Houston Astros (MLB): Navy, Orange


I decided to classify Silver and Gray as the same, due to them looking the same on much of the same material (thanks Nike). I also counted colors of primary jerseys but not logo-only colors, thus leaving out the Jazz’s Sunset Gradient and Classic jerseys, Gold and Light Blue for the Cardinals, and Silver for the Stars. I also added White for Utah State, due to its being an official school color. Putting this into numbers:


Total Color Slots: 29

Total Colors Used: 12


Navy: 6/2921%

Gold: 4/2914%

Red: 3/2910%

Black: 3/29≈10%

Silver/Gray: 3/29≈10%

Orange: 3/29≈10%

Dark Green: 2/297%

Blue: 2/29≈7%

Light Blue: 1/29≈3%

White: 1/29≈3%

Brown: 1/29≈3%

Green: 1/29≈3%


Edited by DustDevil61
Changed Utah Jazz’s and Oakland A’s shade of green to Dark Green
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Very interesting! I'll try mine:


Panthers: black, blue, silver

Hornets: teal, purple

Orioles: black, orange

Ravens: purple, gold, black

Timberwolves: navy, blue, green

Golden Knights: black, gray, gold, red

Sounders: green, blue


So that's 19 total colors.

Black: 21.1%

Blue: 15.7%

Gray/silver: 10.5%

Teal: 5.3%

Purple: 10.5%

Orange: 5.3%

Gold: 5.3%

Navy: 5.3%

Green: 10.5%

Gold: 5.3%

Red: 5.3%

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BGSU - orange & brown

Cleveland Browns - orange & brown 

Cleveland Indians - navy blue & red

Carolina Hurricanes - red & black


Cleveland Cavaliers - Oh man. This is a loaded one. Wine (red) & gold (yellow)? And black? And navy blue? And blue and orange for the city jerseys? You know what, I'm going to just stick with wine & gold on this one.


Brown - 20%

Orange - 20%

Red - 20%

Navy - 10%

Black - 10%

Wine/Garnet - 10%

Athletic Gold - 10% 



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I'm answering this on my phone, so no time to do a % breakdown or color wheel, but I realized quite some time ago that all my teams have GOLD in them, either metallic (old) gold or yellow (athletic) gold:


New Orleans Saints- Black and Gold 

LSU - Purple and Gold

Georgia Tech- Gold and White (official colors; navy is a tertiary color)

New Orleans Pelicans - Navy, Gold, and Red (back when they were the Hornets they had athletic gold/yellow).


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Cincinnati Reds: Red and Black

Cincinnati Bengals: Orange and Black

San Antonio Spurs: Black and Silver

University of Kentucky: Blue and White


My favorite color is black so pretty much works out that all my teams have black in them somewhere (even if I don’t think the reds should)

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I've decided to add a points system beyond 1 per color because of some intricacies. 1 point for prominent use on primary uniforms (white is counted for one color teams, .75 for silver at Penn State (commonly used in several sports, but not an actual school color), .5 used prominently in an alternate, .25 used noticeably enough, but not overly prominent or relevant (Penn State's black and pink, and Liverpool's use of yellow accents).


Navy Blue -- 3 (Penn State, Patriots, Red Sox) -- 22.222%

Red -- 3 (Red Sox, Patriots, Liverpool) -- 22.222%

Silver/Grey -- 2.25 (Patriots, Penn State, Celtics) -- 16.667%

White -- 2 (Celtics, Penn State) -- 14.814%

Black -- 1.75 (Bruins, Celtics, Penn State) -- 12.97%

Yellow -- 1.25 (Bruins, Liverpool) -- 9.26%

Pink -- .25 (Penn State) -- 1.85%



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Penn State: Navy Blue and White

Jacksonville Jaguars: Black and Teal

Philadelphia 76ers: Royal Blue, White, Red

Philadelphia Phillies: Red and White (Powder Blue and Maroon?)

Philadelphia Flyers: Orange and Black

Tottenham Hotspur: Navy Blue and White


All im really missing is yellow/gold and purple, and i guess a true green.


I do cheer for the eagles too, its just the jags are my "team"


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