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Hurricanes unified look


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With the Hurricanes unveiling their new away jersey and now having 3 different distinct looking jerseys I've decided to keep their basic looks but having them keep unified parts. All 3 jerseys keep the tonal storm flag stripes and I add them to the sleeves now. 





The home and away keep the primary logo on the front. I normally hate nicknames on hockey jerseys but Canes for some reason kind grows on me. However save that for the alternate the home and away for the primary logo. The stripe widths are now constant and I added the storm flags to the home jersey. 



I move "Canes" to the third jersey because I don't like how the storm flags look on the front of the jersey. I also add the sleeve to the hem to keep consistency and removed the storm grey because it just looked wherever I put it. 

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This looks much better than their current look! I especially like the new black alt, looks much better than the "ghosted" one. I keep seeing this in the striping, and I have to ask, is having the double red in the flag pattern a team thing? Because actual hurricane flags are red and black, so I have no idea if the striping is based on tradition or inaccuracy. Either way, great work!

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This is pretty much exactly what the 'Canes should have done. A perfect marriage of their inaugural uniforms and the Adidas ones. I'd love to see some silver thrown into the concept, or, at least the third jersey. I understand trying to shoehorn silver into the primaries could look forced but it could easily be done on the alternate. 

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