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College Bowl Signups


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If you may or may not remember, back when I posted my 1000th post, I said we would do a "Olympiad" style challenge, but in this you create your own College jerseys and logos. Well sign up here if you want to do it. IF YOU SIGN UP, YOU MUST TO EVERY SINGLE EVENT. IF YOU EVEN MISS ONE, YOU'RE ELIMNATED FROM ALL OTHER EVENTS.


College Name:

Will you complete each event:

Good luck to all, and just wait til this thing gets started! :D

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honestly, if you create a challenge, maintain it please. i understand you may be away or busy or what not, and im sorry if thats the case, but at east let us know with a little post note. thanks you. this contest is right up my alley and i am excited about it. can we get some green lights, or is it a no go?

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