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The Colorful Rays of the Bay and Beyond....










Global Logo - All-new logo. Based on 2008 Primary Logo. Color of water can change depending on jersey being worn. Used for global marketing.

Primary Logo - Based on 2007 & 2008 "TB" logos.

Secondary Logo - Based on the 1998 and 2018 Alternate logos.

Tertiary Logos:
- Devil Ray based on 2001 Alternate Logo
- "Starburst", based on 2008 "Sunburst" logo. Re-purposed for the classic set to convey an outer space feel.
- Fauxback "tb" logo


Primary Home - Based on the 2001 & 2008 Home Jerseys.
Primary Road - Based on the 2001 Road Jerseys.
Primary Alternate - All-new jersey. Based on the 2005 Green Alternate Jersey. Worn sparingly at home, as main alternate on the road, and all of Spring Training.


Manta Ray - Based on the 2010 Powder Blue Alternate Jerseys.
Stingray - Based on the 2005 Green Alternate Jerseys.
Ultraviolet Ray - Based on the 2008 Navy on Navy Alternate Jerseys.


Devil Ray - Update of the 1998 Home Jerseys.
Flying Ray - Update of the 1998 Road Jerseys.
Cosmic Ray - Update of the 1998 Black Alternate Jerseys.


Electric Ray - Based on the 2012 Fauxback Jersey.
Skate - Based on the 2012 Fauxback Jersey.
Sun Ray Batting Practice - All-new jersey.


I wanted to go back to the Rays' roots by reinstating their "gradient" color scheme, with purple at the forefront as it (ambiguously) was back in 1998. This time, it would be done in a unique way, spreading the purple, blue, green and gold across multiple jerseys.


Both their "Navy" and their "Forest Green" color schemes felt too drab, so I decided against them, opting to go for the brighter colors.


I hope you guys like them! C&C is appreciated!

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38 minutes ago, Blindsay said:

Tampa Looks AMAZING. Only suggestion: that strip of green and yellow in the logo looks thrown on. Random. Possibly work the green and yellow into the wordmark?

Replace the second ray in the wordmark with the color strip


Tampa Bay is easily your best look! And one of the best Rays concepts I’ve seen! I love the wave pattern and the way you incorporated all eras into one logo. The alternates look great, maybe throwing a bit of blue or green into the home or away could make a bit of a pop, but like I said before, you could just replace the extra ray on the wordmark with your color strip from the logo, making a dodgers esque (the red numbers on a primary blue team) color pop. 

Overall I love the set! So much better than what they have in real life!

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I agree that the small ray in the global logo isn’t necessary. I would also simplify the head spoon piping on the primary home, primary road and second row of alternates. Just one stripe should do the trick. 


The final six designs, however, are where this concept really shines! I really like the tweaked fauxback script and that BP design. You did a fantastic job salvaging their late ‘90s identity.

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4 hours ago, 1stRound DraftPick said:

The Colorful Rays of the Bay and Beyond....







I think you'll just need the one ray in the logo. Having 2 rays in the logo just doesn't look good. I think if you take out the stingray in the wordmark, it'll clean up the logo better. Other than that, great job once again!!!

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WOW!! Thanks for the love and suggestions! For the main set I wanted to keep them somewhat simple since all the other jerseys and crazy. The double piping was done for the 2001-2007 set, because I felt that unique trait shouldnt have left.


Now, the Global Logo. Based on your suggestions, here are seven (7) other logos. You can choose which one you like best, and still give further C&C. I would really appreciate it if you would choose your 2 or 3 best, so that I can get an idea of which one is universally the best:




                                             1) Color wave                                                                                      2) Blue Wave



                                             3) Purple Wave                                                                         4) Color Wave on Wordmark



                                        5) Blue Wave on Wordmark                                                            6) Purple Wave on Wordmark



                                         7) Color Diamond


Once again, thanks for the replies! 

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14 hours ago, coco1997 said:

I’d say the first and last one, but my preference is definitely the first.


14 hours ago, panthers_2012 said:

I like the first option better. 


13 hours ago, Blindsay said:

Number 7


12 hours ago, BellaSpurs said:

1 or 4


38 minutes ago, Section30 said:

I would go with either 1 or 7


Alright so it seems as though #1 wins out. Now I did end up making an 8th option, which pretty much inverts the colors. These are the last two options, and I will update the logo when I post Toronto. So you can choose which one:



                                            A ) Light Logo                                                                                  B ) Dark Logo 




7 hours ago, SplashBoogie said:

That third row of Rays jerseys are perfect. I want all three of them.


Haha same, especially the alternate. Thanks man. 

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Ok, Blue Jays. Let's Play Ball....











Global Logo – Update of current Primary Logo. Used for global marketing.

Primary Logo – Update of current Alternate Logo.

Secondary Logo – Update of current Alternate Logo.

Tertiary Logos:
- Retro Bird, based on the 1977 Primary Logo.
- Big Leaf Bird, based on the 1997 Primary Logo.


Primary Home – Update of the 2019 Home Jerseys.
Primary Road – Update of the 2019 Road Jerseys.
Primary Neutral - Based on the current Batting Practice Jerseys. Worn sparingly during the season and all of Spring Training.


Alternate Home – Update of the 2019 Blue Alternate Jerseys.
Alternate Road – All-new jersey. Based on the 2019 Road Jerseys.
Beautiful Jays – Based on the 2009 Black Alternate Jerseys.


Pastime – Update of the 1952 Toronto Maple Leafs (baseball) International League Home Jerseys. A zipper jersey, instead of buttons.
Heritage – Update of the 2000 Blue Alternate Jerseys. Worn during the Weekend before Canada Day, Canada Baseball Day, Civic Holiday, and other Canadian commemorative days.
Canada Day – Based on their entire Canada Day Jersey history. Worn on Canada Day obviously lol.


Vintage Home – Update of the "Drive of '85" and 1993 Home Jerseys

Vintage Road – Update of the 1978 Road Jersey. Worn with powder-blue pants.
Batting Practice – Based on their 80s Batting Practice Jerseys



Had the Blue Jays kept all of their jerseys, the Black Jays Era would've never happened. Their itch to jump on the BFBS bandwagon would've been quelled by an alternate. The "Beautiful Jays" jerseys, based on the black-coloured beautiful jay (a close relative of the blue jay), is a product of this. In other words, I hated the Black Jays jerseys so I didn't want to include them lol.


Their black and red alternates feature the nickname "Jays", because, well, they're not blue.


I kept the classic jerseys and updated them. Their less vibrant colors allowed for a unique, vintage look. My favorite of the set.


Enjoy! C&C is appreciated!

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Amazing work! I love each and every jersey in this set.


A few suggestions for some improvements:


- The “J” in “Jays” on the pastime set looks more like a cursive “L” than a “J.”


- For the Canada Day jersey, maybe think about flipping the colors of the script.


I cannot wait to see what you do with my White Sox next!


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