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NFL long-sleeved jersey concepts, Saints added 5/15/20


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For those of you that missed this brilliant piece of news Rutgers is going to be wearing long-sleeved throwback jerseys this year.



Needless to say, it's a bit surprising. When the news broke in the 2019 CFB thread, I immediately started thinking how great (although completely unlikely) it would be if this idea was to catch on.  In a case of like minds thinking alike @BrandMooreArt mentioned that it would be nice to see the NFL go long-sleeved for cold weather games. Easily a better idea than color rush.


So, I got right on it.  Here are some long-sleeved NFL concepts. I decided it would be a little to obvious just to go straight old school, so I'm trying to mix in a few modern looks too. Thoughts, complaints, ideas, and brownie recipes appreciated.



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Will long sleeves catch on? Sure they look great, especially the concepts you made, but really it depends on how it feels to the players. Will they be comfortable? Will that extra fabric get in the way of their footballing? That could be the difference between it being a success and it going the way of pullovers and Cooperalls.

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On 9/5/2019 at 10:22 PM, oldschoolvikings said:

I wanted to see if you could do an obvious modern look on the long sleeves.  I knew I was pushing it.


I think with the Seahawks, you almost have to concede doing anything with the longer sleeves and just go solid color the rest of the way down. But wow, I'd love to see the Bears and Packers in long sleeves in winter again, that'd look great. Vikings, too, if they ever had a reason again. They should have stayed at the U forever.

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